Health Services

The University health services department was established to cater for the overall health needs of the students, staff and staff dependents of the University community. The clinic is located on the Campus and provided a comprehensive health care covering both curative and preventive medicine.
The following sections are fully staffed and equipped for optimal functions of the clinic:
–    Medical Record Unit
–    Pharmacy
–    Nursing
–    Laboratory
–    Environmental health unit

`Medical Record Unit
Registration of new staff members and students.  The storage, filing and issues of medical files for prompt consultation with doctors.

The Pharmacy Unit
The pharmacy is headed by the Chief Pharmacist and it is licensed with NHIS.  The section procures drugs, following due process, stores, shelves and dispenses drugs according to prescription.

Nursing Station
This unit is responsible for nursing care of in and out patients.  Chief Nursing Officer is responsible   for preparation of shift duty roster and supervision of nurses’ performance during shift duty, taking regular inventory of equipment and fixed assets.

Laboratory Section
This section is equipped to carry out basic laboratory tests as requested by doctors.

Environmental Health Unit
This Unit is responsible for insect and pest control on the campus. Refuse collection and effective waste disport, cleaning of hostels and food canteen on the University campus.
The Director of health services reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor and is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the health centre.  The office of the Director functions under the supervision of the Confidential Secretary and other administrative staff.
Consultations with doctors starts at 8 a.m. and continues till 3.30 p.m. on weekdays.  Emergency cases are handled by doctors on-call while the nurses on shift duties proffer care accordingly.  There is provision for a 12-bed sick bay to manage in-patients, small operating theatre for minor surgical procedures, an ambulance service for effective evacuation and referral to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital when the need arises.

National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)

The Clinic, Pharmacy and Laboratory are fully registered under the National Health Insurance Scheme.  This has helped the clinic improve its services in the procurement of needed and essential drugs, dressings and commodities,

Dental Scheme

An ultra-modern dental clinic has been completed and ready for commissioning.  It is expected to provide affordable service to the entire member of the public within and beyond Kwara State.

Endowment and Alumni Relations Unit History.

The Endowment and Alumni Relations Unit is an arm of the Registry, in the Central Administration Division. The unit plays a double role of coordinating the Endowment efforts of the university which comes in form of funds, and on the other hand, co-ordinates the Alumni Relations activities which include contacts registration, monitoring and the general welfare of the university graduates. The two sections are however under the superintendence of the Alumni Officer who is directly responsible to the Principal Assistant Registrar, Central Administration Division of the Registry.

The University Governing Council formally established the Endowment Committee in September, 1984 in an effort to complement Government’s subvention which had become inadequate for the provision of infrastructures and general development of the university.

Unit Activities

Since the unit is made up of two sections (the Endowment and the Alumni), its activities will therefore be categorized as:
Activities of the Endowment

  1. To attract, from individuals and organizations, financial and other forms of assistance that may be required for the development of the university;
  2. To formulate guidelines for the acceptance of donations from individuals and organizations;
  3. To consider and approve all proposals for the launching of any endowment fund in the name of the university;
  4. To be responsible for the activities relating to the launching and collection of donations of any Endowment in relation to (c) above;
  5. To ensure that the university operates the endowment fund in strict compliance with the aims and objectives of the fund.

Activities of Alumni Relations

In a deft move to generate a strong awareness and to foster true spirit of love, both the “Alma Matter” and the individual self, the University establish the Alumni unit almost immediately the first set of students were graduated in 1979. Alumni unit has a mandate to:

  1. Compile an up-to-date Alumni Register
  2. Operate a five-year data base for appropriate inputs and computerization
  3. Co-ordinate the activities of UNILORIN at International, National, Zonal and local levels.
  4. Organize Alumni nights, preferably annually, during convocation ceremonies whereby the University would physically interact with its old students.