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History of the Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Ilorin was established in September, 1978 with the primary objective of providing an institutional framework for the training of Engineers for technological development of Nigeria and the world. The faculty provides conducive environment not only for teaching of undergraduate engineering students but also for the conduct of research by its academic staff. Hence, the faculty engages in further training of students at the postgraduate levels including masters and doctoral degrees.
The Faculty has been led by erudite scholars right from inception to date. The pioneer Dean of the Faculty was Prof. V.O.S. Olunloyo (1978-1980). The successive Deans include: Prof. I.E. Owolabi (1980-1984); Prof. B.J. Olufeagba (1984-1988); Prof. S.O. Adeyemi (1988-1990); Prof. J.S.O. Adeniyi (1990-1994); Prof. F.L. Bello-Ochende (1994-1998); Prof. K.C. Oni (1998-2001); Prof. O.A. Adetifa (2001-2005); Prof. B.F. Sule (2005-2009); Prof. J.O. Olorunmaiye (2009-2013); Prof. Y.A. Jimoh (2013-2017); Prof. D.S. Ogunniyi (2017-2021) and currently Prof. O.A. Lasode 2021 to date.
Senior Registry staff serve as Faculty officers to assist the Dean in the day-to- day administration of the Faculty. Their primary role in the Faculty is to facilitate the activities of students from admission to graduation and the staff from recruitment to retirement. Many have been posted to the Faculty; they include: Mr. E. Koledade, Mr. O. Adido, Mrs. Gloria. Anyatonwu, Mr. S.S. Sinkaiye, Mr. Akin Ibosiola, Mrs. T.O. Okoro, Mrs. F.I. Olutola, Mr. K. Oloworaran, Mr. J.S. Mohammed, Mr. A.K. Rufai, Mrs. M.A. Egbewole, Mr. K.K. Babamale, and Mrs. S.T. Saka-Lawal. Mrs Azeezat. Q. Ibrahim currently serves the Faculty Officer.

Objectives of the Faculty:

1. The Faculty is geared towards the production of engineering graduates who are trained to use their knowledge of the natural sciences and mathematics, together with the judgment and practical skills of their profession, to develop ways of mechanically utilizing the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind.

2. To contribute through research and consultancy services to national development in the field of engineering, industry and technology.

3. To expose students to natural experiences and familiarize them with the environment in which they will eventually work as competent professionals.

Departments and Units

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Ilorin was established in September, 1978 with three (3) departments and a supporting unit. The departments and supporting unit were:

1. Department of Civil Engineering

2. Department of Electrical Engineering 

3. Department of Mechanical Engineering

4. Central Engineering Workshop.

The academic and research programs for each of the three (3) departments were deliberately evolved to meet the yearnings of the Nigerian society for the technological development of the country. The programs therefore sought to attract students with proven capacity for mathematical and physical sciences, in addition to their demonstrable ability for logical, imaginative and creative thinking for seeking and obtaining solutions to often-times complex problems. Students were also required to have good command in spoken and written English language.

The Faculty started with a total of about 51 students, 3 academic staff, 3 administrative staff, a messenger/cleaner and a driver. The central engineering workshop which is a supporting unit for the academic and research programs of the faculty was put in place in 1979 to provide the much needed practical, hands on training for all engineering students thereby demonstrating the professional content of the programs.  By 1982/83 when the first set of graduate engineers was produced, the number of students had grown to 449 students (435 males and 14 females). 

In 1982, a fourth (4th) department, department of Agricultural Engineering was created and added to the faculty programs. The department of Chemical Engineering was established in 2008/2009 session, followed by the department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering in 2010. The seventh (7th) department was the department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering established in 2013. In August 2014, the department of Computer Engineering was established, followed by the department of Biomedical Engineering in 2015. The department of Food Engineering was established during the 2014/2015 session as the Tenth (10th) department to be created in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

The Faculty has produced many Engineers who are contributing their quota to the growth and development of Nigeria. We intend to improve on the quality of training we give our students in the years ahead through regular and timely review of our curriculum. As at 2020/2021 academic session, the number of undergraduate students in the Faculty stand at 3,351.


Important Dates

December 4, 2023

Commencement Of 2022/2023 Academic Session