Counselling and Human Development Centre

About Counselling and Human Development Centre

The University of Ilorin Guidance and Counselling Centre (UIGCC) was established by the Senate of the University on 8th September, 2010. Prior to its establishment, the Alumni Counselling Centre which was setup by the University of Ilorin Alumni Association offered skeletal guidance and counselling services to students, using the staff of the Department of Counsellor Education as volunteers. UIGCC was established to provide a wide range of guidance and counselling services particularly to students in order to address academic, career, personal, social and spiritual challenges which could interfere with their education. In July 2011, the Senate of the University of Ilorin renamed the centre as Unilorin Counselling and Human Development Centre (UCHDC) in line with the directive of the National Universities Commission.   In order to meet the psychological needs of the members of the University community especially the students, the UCHDC generally offers to the University of Ilorin students and staff a variety of services with the goal of resolving individual difficulties as well as nurturing personal and collective growth. These services are in form of individual counselling, group counselling, seminar presentation, workshop and provision of guidance through the Internet.

Major Aims

In line with the vision and mission of the University of Ilorin, the Centre is designed to achieve the following:

  1. Identification of students’ innate abilities and development of their capabilities, potentials and talents.
  2. Assisting individual to effectively adjust to educational and institutional challenges.
  3. Development of sound character.
  4. Promotion of effective interpersonal relationships.
  5. Acquisition of the necessary skills required for academic excellence and
    healthy living.

Programmes available at the Centre

The Centre provides guidance and counselling services based on the following programmes:

  1. Educational/Academic Counselling
  2. Career Guidance/Counselling
  3. Personal-Social Counselling
  4. Marriage and Family Counselling
  5. Health Counselling, and;
  6. Research and Other Related Activities.

1. Educational/Academic Counselling

The Centre provides services on:

  • Registration procedures, choice of courses and requirements for graduation.
  • Spill-over, transfer, change of course and withdrawal cases.
  • Effective study habits, usage of library services and acquisition of examination skills.
  • Coping with academic challenges.
  • Creating awareness on the available opportunities such as postgraduate programmes and scholarship awards within and outside Nigeria.

2. Career Guidance/Counselling
The Centre offers the following services:

  • Preparing students for the world of works especially self-employment.
  • Providing career guidance on job opportunities and challenges in the various courses that are available at the University of Ilorin.
  • Conducting researches into the various aspects of career guidance and counselling.
  • Creating, promoting and developing training activities that would improve the employability of students and graduates.
  • Assisting companies and commercial enterprises in organizing career talks for prospective graduates in order to acquaint them with job requirements and career prospects.          
  • Guiding students on job search and job retention strategies

3.Personal-Social Counselling
The Centre provides services on:

  • Coping with academic demands, life in the University and life after graduation;
  • Managing of phobia (fear), stress, depression and feeling of committing suicide;
  • Building of social skills (assertiveness, decision-making process, modeling and mentoring etc);
  • Managing cases of addiction to alcohol and other drugs;
  • Overcoming undesirable personal habits (stammering, shyness, extravagant behaviour, overeating etc.);
  • Managing emotional difficulties (e.g. temper tantrum);
  • Assisting students to adjust to the University environment through orientation service;
  • Fostering discipline and responsible behaviours;
  • Coping with loneliness and feelings of inadequacy;
  • Management of resources (e.g. income and facilities);
  • Managing interpersonal matters (making friends, conflicts between or among room-mates, friends etc);
  • Handling Religious and spiritual matters;
  • Organizing training on assertiveness and decision-making skills; and
  • Managing other personal-social concerns that interfere with individual’s normal functioning.

4. Marriage and Family Counselling
The center offers services on:

  • Marriage and family matters;
  • Sexual matters (e.g. harassment, rape, pre-marital sex, incestuous relationship, variances, sexual dysfunctions);
  • Choice of partners and preparation for marriage;
  • Handling difficulties in marriage; and
  • Handling interpersonal conflicts in courtship and family.

5. Health Counselling
The centre offers services on:

  • Personal hygiene;
  • Prevention and control of diseases; and
  • Referral to clinics or hospitals for medical assistance.

6.Research Activities
UIGCC provides services that are related to:

  • collection and dissemination of guidance information;
  • organization of workshops, seminars and conferences;
  • writing of guidance and counselling texts (e.g. pamphlets, handbills and leaflets); and
  • research work, outreach activities, postgraduate practicum and training in life planning skills, etc.

Other Guidance and Counselling Related Activities
a. Workshop
This covers Personal, Family and Community Values; Adolescent Development; Communication; Sexuality; Gender Roles and Equality; Relationships; Teenage Pregnancy; Sexually Transmitted Infections like HIV and AIDS; Substance Abuse, including Drugs/Alcoholism; and Planning for the Future.
b. Study Clinic
The clinic addresses students’ concerns in the areas of studying, academic performance, interpersonal relationships, etc.
c. Financial Management
Counselling on financial management is offered to students/staff in order to promote effective utilization of financial resources.
d. Orientation Service for International Students
The Centre assists international students to adjust to the University environment and provides guidance to them on areas of concern.
e. Practicum for Students in Guidance and Counselling
The Centre provides opportunities to counsellors-in-training to acquire practical skills and knowledge in counselling.
 Personnel at the Centre
•    Director
•    Three professionally qualified counsellors and
•    Administrative staff
Counselling interactions at Unilorin Counselling and Human development Centre (UCHDC) is strictly confidential. No information provided by a client will be revealed to anyone without the client’s consent. If you have any personal, social, academic or family concern, feel free to come to UCHDC. Looking forward to meeting you.

Since inception in September, 2010 the Centre has had the following Directors:

1.         Dr. L.A. Yahaya (now Professor L.A. Yahaya) (2010 – 2014)

2.         Dr. A.O. Oniye (now Professor A.O. Oniye) (2014 – 2017)

3.         Prof. Irene A. Durosaro (2017 – 2020)

4,         Dr. Falilat A. Okesina (2020 – date)