Clinical Skills and Simulation Laboratory

About Clinical Skills and Simulation Laboratory


The Clinical Skills laboratory (CSL) is one of the academic support facilities of the University of Ilorin where resources are used to assist students to reach competency in the psychomotor and affective outcomes of the different curricula presented at the College of Health Sciences. These outcomes include skills in communication, clinical examination methods and procedures.

The resources include anatomic models and low and high-fidelity simulators for various clinical scenarios, audio-visual equipment in seminar rooms, brief rooms and consultation rooms and modern information and communication technology including computer equipment for e-learning. Students get the opportunity to watch clinical skills with the aid of computer technology, to attend demonstrations by lecturers, and to take part in activities under the guidance of lecturers or instructors, followed by self-directed learning by doing it themselves and practicing of the skills on the manikins. The facility was officially commissioned by Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, President and Commander In-Chief of Armed Forces of The Federal Republic of Nigeria on 22nd October 2013.


1Appropriately equipped areas arranged in such a way that students can        practice their clinical examination skills on manikins and simulators.
2Consulting and examination rooms where small groups of 10- 12 students can observe the taking of a medical history and examination procedures on simulators.  These rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video recording equipment for replay and discussion
3A multipurpose ward area equipped with beds, examination couches, bed screens, x-ray viewing boxes, flip charts and overhead projection facilities
4A well-equipped theatre with a scrub room
5A cardiopulmonary high fidelity simulator room which can simulate a variety of cardiac dysrhythmias and breath sounds
6A complete high-fidelity model for training on Advanced Life support model and Cardiac resuscitation
7A complete high-fidelity model (SimMom) for demonstration and training in prenatal, intrapartum and post-partum emergencies.
8There are models for the subspecialties in the clinical fields of ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, anaesthesia, radiology, minimal access surgery etc.
9The CSSL consist of 20 simulation rooms dedicated to all specialities of surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, Paediatric, Medicine, ENT, Ophthalmology, theatre, graphics/radiology, nursing and midwifery, laparoscopy, community health, anaesthesia, urology, Trauma suite, Cardiovascular resuscitation, Seminar room and 2 brief rooms, Central work station/wet lab (currently being used as the e-library), Audiovisual room, Videoconference room, and Anatomy/physiology model rooms.
10The centre provides opportunity to develop proficiency in communication and procedural skills which guarantees a safer approach to caring for the live patients in a relaxed atmosphere. This eradicates injury and unnecessary exposure of patients to risk. It also boost the students’ confidence in their approach to patients and clinical scenario. The team approach is encouraged and repeatedly emphasized in this laboratory.
11A high well equipped Audio-visual teaching aids was recently donated to unit by alumna of the University. The equipment allows learners to watch ongoing demonstration in real time, take live instructions from their instructors and also watch recorded videos at their own convenient. It would assist to limit student’s exposure to infectious agents without compromising learning.


Introduction to clinical clerkship for 4 weeks in 400 level

Student clinical rotation in CSSL at 400, 500 and 600 level

Twice a year West African College of Surgeons Accredited Basic Surgical Skill courses for residents

Annual Medical Interns’ Skill training

Basic life support training for nursing students

First responder training for student of Faculty of Basic Medical

Train the Trainers Workshop on Simulation Based Education at the College of Health Sciences

Facilitating and assisting in establishing of Clinical Skill Laboratory in other Universities in Nigeria

Names of Coordinators     & Period of Headship

Prof L. O. Abdur-Rahman (2014-2018)

Dr S.O. Agodirin (2018-2020)

Dr A. A. Nasir (2020 to Date)          


1. Mrs Patricia A. AboyejiConfidential Secretary I
2. Mr Eyiwumi AlegeSupervisor Office Assistant