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About Faculty of Social Sciences


1.1 Philosophy

The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences was formally established during the 1981/82 academic session. The principal objectives of establishing the Faculty are:

. To provide socially relevant degree programmes in the Business and Social Sciences to meet the growing needs of the Nigerian economy.

. To give students a comprehensive introduction to a wide range of disciplines in Social and Business Administration.

. To produce graduates who will master the theory, techniques and application to social problems of at least one of the Social Science disciplines;

.To provide course instructions at degree and the sub- degree levels suitable for the administrative and professional personnel of Federal and State Governments, Statutory Corporations, Local Governments and the Private Sector of the Nigerian economy; and

. To provide consultancy services to Federal, State and Local Governments, Statutory Corporations and Private Sector Organizations in the country.

1.2 Establishment of Departments

At the inception, the Faculty was made up of four Departments. Two of these Departments – Geography and Economics had been operating since the founding of the University but as part of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, while the Departments of Business Administration and Accountancy/Finance were established in the !981/82 session. The remaining two Departments – Political Science (formerly Government and Public Administration) and Sociology (formerly Sociology and Social Administration) were established during the 1982/1983 session.

In 2013/2014 academic session, the Faculty was separated into two Faculties, namely, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Management Sciences. The Faculty of Social Sciences was left with four (4) Departments which are: Political Science, Economics, Geography and Environmental Sciences and Sociology. In October 2014 academic year, three (3) new Departments were further created: Psychology, Social Work and Criminology and Security Studies. The Faculty of Social Sciences now house seven (7) accredited Faculty Programmes. This is a far cry from its four Departments at inception


a. Prof. S.O. Onakomaiya
1st Oct. 1981 - 17th Nov. 1981 (Acting Dean)
18th Nov. 1981 – 7th Feb. 1984 (Substantive Dean)
b. Prof. O. O. Ogundele
8th Feb. 1984 - 22nd Feb. 1984 (Acting Dean)
c. Prof. J. O. Oyebanji
23rd Feb. 1984- 31st July 1989 (Substantive Dean)
d. Prof. I. I. Ihimodu
1st Aug.1989 – 30th Nov. 1990 (Substantive Dean)
e. Prof. J. A. Sofola
1st Dec. 1990 – 2nd Jan. 1991 (Acting Dean)
f. Prof. A. A. Ogunsanya
3rd Jan. 1991 – 31st July 1995 (Substantive Dean)
g. Prof. I. I. Ihimodu
1st Aug. 1995 – 8th Mar. 1998 (Substantive Dean)
h. Prof. T. O. Adewoye
9thMar.1998 – 6thth May. 1998 (Acting Dean)
i. Prof. A. A. Ogunsanya
7th May 1998 – 31st July 2000(Substantive Dean)
j. Prof. I. O. Taiwo
1st Aug. 2000 – 31st July 2004(Substantive Dean)
k. Prof. H. A. Saliu
1st Aug. 2004 – 31st July 2006(Substantive Dean)
l. Prof. A. F. Adedayo
1st Aug. 2008 – 31st July 2012(Substantive Dean)
m. Prof. A. Jimoh
1st Aug. 2012 – 31st July 2016(Substantive Dean)
n. Prof. B. Salau
1st Aug. 2016 – 31st July 2018(Substantive Dean)
o. Prof. G. T. Ijaiya
1st Aug. 2018 – 31st July 2020(Substantive Dean)
p. Prof. I. P. Ifabiyi
1st Aug. 2020 – Till Date(Acting Dean)


2.1 First Degree Programmes

The Faculty offers courses leading to the award of B. Sc. Degree in each of the following disciplines.

1. Criminology and Security Studies
2. Economics
3. Geography and Environmental Management
4. Political Science
5. Psychology
6. Sociology
7. Social Work

2.2 Postgraduate and Professional Programmes

The Faculty runs post-graduate programmes leading to the award of Masters and Doctorate degree in the various disciplines. In addition, the Faculty runs and coordinates Professional Masters and Diploma Programmes. The breakdown of the programmmes according to the Departs is as follows:

Departments Programmes
Academic Postgraduate Professional Masters/Postgraduate Diploma Sub Degree
1 Criminology and Security Studies
2 Economics M. sc. Economics
Ph. D Economics Diploma in Money and Banking (DMB)
3 Geography and Environmental Management M. Sc. Geography
Ph. D Geography Masters in Geographic Information System (GIS)
Postgraduate Diploma in Geographic Information System (PGDGIS)

4 Political Science
M. Sc. Political Science
Ph. D Political Science
Masters in International Studies (MIS)
Masters in Public Administration (MPA)
Postgraduate Diploma in International Affairs and Diplomacy (PGDIAD)
Diploma in Administrative Management (DAM)
5 Psychology
6 Sociology M.Sc. Sociology
Ph. D Sociology Masters in Industrial and Labour Relations (MILR) Diploma in Social Administration
Diploma in Crime Control and Management (DCCM)
7 Social Work


S/N Name Degree and Institution(s) Rank & Position
1 Olobayo, F.F OND,HND Public Administration ,Kwara Polytechnic, B.Sc, M.Sc Sociology, University of Ilorin

Senior Assistant Registrar/Faculty Officer
2 Ibitoye, A. O HND,B.A (French), M.A. Chief Confidential Secretary, Secretary to Dean of Social Sciences
3 Afuye, M. O OND, HND Business Administration Chief Executive Officer
4 Adebayo, A.V. Confidential Secretary IV, III, II (Kwara State Development College), Certificate in Computer (Unilorin) B.Sc. Accounting

Principal Confidential Secretary I/F.O Secretary
5 Alade, S. Oluwatoyin
NCE, B.Ed(Edu. Mgt.) MED (Edu. Mgt.) Ilorin. Principal Executive Officer(Account)/ Faculty Accountant
6 Ademola, A.A.
B.Sc Business Administration., MBA Unilorin Assistant Registrar
7 Ahmed, B. O B.A (Ed.) Admin. Officer
8 Afolami Daniel, E.
HND, (Bus Admin) Higher Executive Officer
9 Aina, D. T. HND Public Administration Executive Officer
10 Adedeji, K, Primary School Certificate Caretaker

Faculty of Social Sciences was established during the 2012/2013 academic session. The faculty office is located top floorof the Geography and Environmental Building.

The Faculty has a total number of 2494 students for 2019/2020 Academic Session. It currently has 83 lectures with 14 Professors, 18 senior lecturers and 51 on other cadres. Also, it has a total number of 34 Non-Academic and 7 Casual Staff working in the Faculty Office and the various Departments.

Faculty of Social Sciences is dedicated to promoting high quality research, teaching and learning in various courses that is offered through diligence and cooperation of both the academic and non- academic staff.


Dean’s Phone Number - 08033231626
E-mail Address – tokunifabiyi@yahoo.com

Dean‘s Secretary Phone Number - 08033772539
E-mail Address - bibitoye@unilorin.edu.ng

Faculty Officer Phone Number – 08035849105
E-mail Address – olobayo.f@unilorin.edu.ng

Important Dates

October 24, 2022

Resumption Of Final Year & Post Graduate Students

December 15, 2022

Commencement Of 2021/2022 Session