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Faculty of Physical Science was calved out of the old Faculty of Science, which was then the biggest Faculty in the University. This old Faculty gave way to the formation of two twin sisters’ which are Physical Sciences and Life Sciences.
Despite the division of the old Faculty of Science into two, Physical Sciences, being one of the two still remains the third largest Faculty after Faculties of Education and Arts. The Faculty recorded at least over 15% of the total fresh students admitted by the University this session and over 20% of the total student population in the entire University.
The Faculty still maintains seven (7) Departments; Chemistry, Geology and Mineral Sciences, Industrial Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Geophysics.
No doubt, though, the Faculty ranked third in size has however remained the pacesetter in the University. The Faculty of Physical Sciences was the first Faculty to commence paperless proceedings in all its statutory and ad-hoc meetings through the provision of internet facilities and digital display boards in its Faculty Board Room. This singular achievement has reduced the cost of running the Faculty, provided adequate security of official documents among faculty members, enhance computer skills and administrative efficiency. The Faculty has also installed e-notice board for the dissemination of information to her students.

Faculty of Physical Sciences has contributed and is still contributing immensely to the progress of the University. Faculty of Physical Sciences had initiated many new ideas and measures to improve on the teaching habits of Lecturers, discipline among both Lecturers and Students and generally provided and is still providing conducive environment for both teaching and learning. For example, the formation of the Faculty Environmental Committee which oversees the general cleanliness of the classrooms, lecture theatres and the walkway toilets meant for the Students.
In certain number of occasions when Faculty Board meetings were organized, guests would be invited to deliver lectures to her members in order to improve productivity. Among the invited guests were Professor Olaitan from Health Education where he lectured on: “Stress Management” and Director the University Health Services, Dr. Odunola on: “Causes and Prevention of Depression” amongst other invited guest lecturers.
Faculty Quality Assurance Committee chaired by Professor (Mrs.) O.O Oluwaniyi has been constituted. The Committee is to provide guidance to the Faculty’s Level Advisers and Examination Officers on students’ records and all matters meant for Business Committee of Senate (BCOS) in other to follow the approved BCOS format so as to make flawless presentation. Specifically, workshop was organized on Wednesday, 24th April 2019, amongst the invited guests were; Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics), Deputy Registrar (Academic Support Services), Director COMSIT, Chairman CBT and other personalities were in attendance.
As part of the Faculty’s contribution to curb immorality, the Faculty in one of its emergency meetings set up a Committee to complement the efforts of the University in seeing that University of Ilorin Students dress decently and morally. The Committee, otherwise known as Dress Code Committee, is now headed by Dr (Mrs.) Y.O Aderinto
The Faculty constituted and inaugurated a committee titled Alumni Relation. This Committee is in charge of inviting the alumni to give their moral and financial support in order to move the Faculty forward. An alumnus, Mr. Olasunkanmi Iranloye, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Century Securities Ltd, Lagos delivered the first lecture titled “Entrepreneurship: Science Focus for Self Reliance”
During the academic session under review, B.Sc Applied Geophysics received full accreditation following the visit by the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) Accreditation Team.
Also, the Faculty organized a day training workshop on Grantsmanship and Scientific Writings for Academic staff in the cadre of Graduate Assistant to Lecturer II.

The faculty was formally known as the Faculty of Sciences which comprises of the faculties of Life and Physical sciences, it was split in 2013. These are the Name of the Deans and Ag. Dean of the faculty.

  1. Prof B.L Adeleke October 2013-31st July 2014
  2. Prof. I.A Adimula 1st August 2014-31st July 2016
  3. Prof. U.B Eke 1st August 2016-31st July 2018
  4. Prof. F.A Adekola 1st August 2018-31st July 2020
  5. Prof. J.A Gbadeyan 1st August 2020 - 31st July 2021
  6. Prof. K.J. Oyewumi 1st August 2021 till date

Important Dates

October 24, 2022

Resumption Of Final Year & Post Graduate Students

December 15, 2022

Commencement Of 2021/2022 Session