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The Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences (CIS) was formally established through the Act of Senate at its 193rd (Special) meeting held on 20th June, 2008. Part of that Senate decision was the movement to CIS of the Department of Computer Science from the Faculty of Science; and the movement to CIS of the Department of Mass Communication from the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences. The senate of the university also decided to establish three new departments which are Departments of Library and Information Science, Information and Communication Science, and Telecommunication Science. By implication, the Faculty consists of five Departments comprising Departments of Computer Science, Mass Communication, Telecommunication Science, Library and Information Science and Information and Communication Science.

The Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences is the University’s flagship Faculty designed to take full advantage of multidisciplinary interactions of the science and technologies of computing, information and communication. Its undergraduate curriculum is designed to reflect this and underlies the Faculty’s postgraduate programmes. 

The Faculty is located between Works Department of the University and Faculty of Environmental Sciences. Housed in an enclosed quadruple, which is a three-story building, the Faculty has five lecture rooms each with the average capacity of 75 students. These are complemented with varied computer Laboratories and Board Rooms domiciled in each of the five Departments. There is also a Faculty Board Room as well as Dean\s Board Room within the Faculty. Staff Offices are also located within the Faculty building. To assuage the challenge of accommodating large classes, a 500-capacity Lecture Theatre was established. This also augments office accommodation of staff, whose offices are located at the basement of the Lecture Theatre. Besides, two large halls (well equipped) at the Lecture Theatre basement are dedicated to Postgraduate students for teaching, learning, and research. The Faculty erects canopies at the parking lot for staff. Being the flagship of the University, it is at the Faculty building that the University Radio (89.3fm) is situated.

There are six Associations in the Faculty, namely:

i. Communication and Information Science Students Association (CISSA).

ii. Nigerian Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS).

iii. Association of Mass Communication Students (AMCOS).

iv. National Association of Telecommunication Science Students (NATECSS).

v. National Association of Library and Information Science Students (NALISS).

vi. Information and Communication Science Students Association (ICSSA).

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October 24, 2022

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December 15, 2022

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