Institution-Based Research

The intervention impact



S/No Title of Research Lead Researcher Batch
1 Conservation of Waster Cellophane Packages to Hydrocarbon for Fuel and Monomers for Petrochemicals Dr. O.A.A. Eletta 2011-2013
2 The role of HCV Core Antigen Testing in Diagnosing Acute HCV infection among Accepted Blood Donors in Ilorin, Kwara State Dr. O.O. Agbede 2011-2013
3 The forgotten Antiapartheid Freedom Fighters: Nigerian Reggae Music and Musicians 1970s-1990s Dr. A. Emielu 2011-2013
4 Design and Fabrication of Web-based Smart Energy Maximum Demand Monitoring and Control System Dr. M.F. Akorede 2011-2013
5 Interfaith  Relations Between Religious Majorities in Modern Ilorin: Implications for Security  and Peaceful Co-Existence Dr. G. Animashahun 2011-2013
6 Reference values of Spirometric Indices from a Sample of a general Adult Population in Nigeria Dr. A.E. Fawibe 2011-2013
7 Development of Endotoxin Test Material from Archachatina Maginata Heamolymph Extract Prof. H.O.B. Oloyede 2011-2013
8 Standardization and Clinical Trials of Some Nigerian Anti-Malaria Medicinal Plants in Nigeria Prof. H. Ibrahim 2011-2013
9 Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Water Sediment, Plant and Fish in Asa River, Ilorin, Nigeria Dr. O.D. Owolabi 2011-2013
10 Development and Optimization of Low-cost DC Magnetron Sputtering Machine Dr. O.A. Babalola 2011-2013
11 Predictors of Health-related Quality of Life of Hypertensive and Diabetics Patient in Medical Outpatients Departments in UITH, Ilorin Dr. O.A. Bolarinwa 2011-2013
12 Rural Telecommunication Access in Nigeria Prof. Y. Adeniran 2011-2013
13 Characteristics and Utilization of Selected Local Wastes as Bio-Remediators for Asa River and its effects on Maize Dr. K.O. Affinih 2011-2013
14 Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Semi-condition Materials Photocatalytic Activity on Organic Pollutants Dr. A.B. Alabi 2011-2013
15 Biogas Production from Bio-Degradable Waste using isolates from Cow Dungs Prof. J.A. Olorunmaye 2011-2013
16 Assessment and Adaptation Potential of Nigeria English into Products of Modern Technology Dr. S.A.Y. Amuda 2014-2015
17 Response of Rural Woman Farmers in Climate Change in Asa Local Government Area, Kwara State, Nigeria Prof. R.A. Olawepo 2014-2015
18 Treatment of Pityriasis versicolor with Analpha Wilkasiana: An Experimental Study of antifungal activities against Malassezia furfur Dr. O.S. Katibi 2014-2015
19 S-O-Caffeoylquinic Acid Metal Complexes: Synthesis, Specrosconic studies, Crystal Structures and their biological applications Prof. J.O. Obaleye 2014-2015
20 Detection and Molecular Characterization of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Clones in Retail Meat Producers and Human Handlers from Commercial and Rural Livestock producers in Nigeria Dr. Y.O. Adeniji 2014-2015
21 Assessment of Food Safety Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Farming Households in North Central Nigeria Dr. G.B. Adesiji 2014-2015
22 Human Schistosomiasis (Among Primary School Pupils) in Kainji Dam Basin Areas Dr. N. Amaze 2014-2016
23 Post-Transfution Red Cell Alloimmunization in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria Dr. A.O. Shittu 2014-2016
24 Chemoinformative Optimization and Synthesis of Indoloquinoline and Salinosparamide Analogue in Pursuit of Novel Antimalarial Candidates Dr. O. Atolani 2014-2016
25 Effects of Aqueous Extract of Moringa Leaf on Growth, Yield and Final Quality Tomatoes (Solonium Lycoperiscum) Dr. O.F. Adekola 2014-2015
26 Effect of Malaria and Artemether Lumefantrine Treatment on the integrity of Pain Modulatory System: an Animal Study Dr. B.V. Owoyele 2015-2016
27 Development of antihypertensive and antidiabetic Peptides from Luff: a Cylindrical Seed Protein Isolate Dr. R.O. Arise 2015-2016
28 Evaluation of a Pyrimidine analogue from Aspergillus spp as a potential anticancer agent Dr. A.O. Shittu 2015-2016
29 Hybridized Malaria Prediction Models in Farmers in Kwara State Prof. R.G. Jimoh 2018
30 Standardization of Food Portions and Detection of Calorie Contents of Major Indigenous Processed Foods for the Prevention of Under and Over Nutrition Prof. A.T. Oladiji 2015-2016
31 Evaluation of Heliotropism Indium L. (Boraginceous) and Anthocista Dialonensis  A. Chev. (Loganianea) Commonly used for Hypertension and Diabetes Dr. R.O. Ayanniyi 2015-2016
32 Hearing Heart Awareness and Audiometry Screening of New Intake Undergraduates at University of Ilorin Dr. H.K. Omokanye 2015-2016
33 Promoting Rural Women’s Livelihood through Effective use of Risk Management Strategies and Improved Technology Knowledge: A Case study of Kwara State Dr. I.O.E. Ayinde 2015-2016
34 Assessment of the Therapeutic effect of Kolaviron in Experimental Model of Multiple Sclerosis Dr. G.O. Omotoso 2014-2016
35 ICT Enabled Model for Al-Majiri Education in Nigeria Research Prof. O.V. Mejabi 2016-2019
36 Development of Experimental  and Computational Studies of Wind Vortex-Enabled Electricity  Generation System for Off-Grid Rural Settlement Prof. K.R. Ajao 2016-2017
37 Assessment of Natural Radionuclides due to Mining Activities  in Kwara , North-Central Nigeria M.M. Orosun 2016-2017
38 Household Air Pollution Exposure, Pollutants and Acute Respiratory Illness among under Five Children in Ilorin South Local Government Area of Ilorin, Kwara State Dr. M.M.B. Uthman 2016-2017
39 Contextualizing the teaching of Science: Exploring local culture and Tradition (GLOCALISE) Dr. N.A. Adedokun-Shittu 2016-2017
40 Characterization of Adverse Drug Reactions in Carbamazepine Hypersensitive Patients in Ilorin, Nigeria Dr. M. Amali 2016-2017
41 Assessment of the Potentials of Azobacter spp as Bioferterlizer Dr. I.O. Sule 2016-2017
42 Improving Availability of Quality Planting Materials for Plantain Cultivation in Nigeria Through Micropropagation and Tissue Techniques Dr. D.A. Animasaun 2016-2017
43 Building Capacity of University of Ilorin undergraduates for first Aid Trauma Care (First Responder) Dr. N.A. Adegoke 2016-2017
44 Characterization and  Chemoinformatics  Optimization  of Natural  Tyrosinase  Inhibitors from Underexplored Tropical  Seeds for Eco-friendly Preparation of Creams and Soups Prof. O.S. Oguntoye 2016-2017
45 Tenancy Failure in the Residential Property Market of Ilorin Metropolis, Nigeria Prof. N.B. Tanimowo 2016-2017
46 Physiological Survey  and Characterization  of Weeds  and their Associated Fungi in Selected  Plantation of University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria Dr. A.A. AbdulRahman 2016-2017
47 Design  of dual purpose  finance  fuelled with palm kernel  shell for Melting and Heat-treatment in Deoxygenated Environment Dr. I.I. Ahmed 2016-2017
48 Impact of Social Economic and Environmental Factors on Allergic Rhinitis Among Residents of University of Ilorin Staff Quarters Dr. A.O. Afolabi 2016-2017
49 Genetic Appraisal of West African Dwarf Goat  for Diary purpose Dr. T.R. Fayeye 2015-2016
50 Development of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition DSCADA system for public water Supply Network Dr. J.F. Opadiji 2016-2017
51 Development of casting components using rapid prototyping techniques and simulation for sustainable economy Dr. J.K. Odusote 2017-2018
52 Assessment of the potential of CREM gene signalling pathways of Nutraceutical (quercetin) inhibiting hypothalamic testicular toxicity induced by cyanide Dr. A.O. Oyewopo 2017-2018
53 Tertiary Institution Mental (TIM) Health Program -The UNILORIN TIM-Program -Phase 1 Prof. A.A. Adegoke 2017-2018
54 An investigation of the role of phosphodiesterase-5-inhibition in gestational testosterone-induced insulin resistance in rams and offspring of female wistar rats Prof. L.A. Olatunji 2017-2018
55 Mobile pastoralism and Socio-economic problems among rural Fulani Communities in Irepodun LGA. Kwara State: A spatial Analysis Prof. R.A. Olawepo 2019
56 Effects of Dietary essential oils on the fatty acid compositions of broiler meat and implications for consumer’s health. Prof. O.R. Karim 2019
57 Effect of Brain Friendly Instructional Strategy on Science School Students’ performance in English Language Prof. F.A.O. Olasehinde-Williams 2019
58 Assessment of the contribution of Rice entrepreneurial activities to sustainable livelihood assets of Rice farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria Prof. G.B. Adesiji 2019
59 Nephroprotective effect of aqueous leaf extract of Croton zambesicus linn on carbon tetrachloride-induced nephrotic rats Dr. R.O. Ayanniyi 2019
60 Characterization, antidiabetic and diuretic potentials of Hibiscus Sabdariffa and its commercialization Prof. M.T. Bakare-Odunola 2019
61 Concordance between urine toxicology and questionnaire assessment of substance use among students of University of Ilorin, Nigeria Prof. B.A. Issa 2019
62 Diurnal and Seasonal variations of Basic Physiological parameters of some domestic animals in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria Dr. O.M. Azeez 2019
63 Indoor particulate matter and health risk assessment of residential environment in Ilorin, Nigeria Dr. M.O. Abdulraheem 2019
64 Resolving inter-ethnic crisis in Nigeria through internal mechanisms.  The Case of Share-Tsaragi, Kwara State Prof. O. Olademo 2019
65 Memory enhancing role of momordical chianti and ocimun grastissimum extracts in experimental dementia and possible mechanism of action Dr. M.T. Ayinla 2019
66 Evaluation of antidiabetic and antihypertensive activity of Heliotropium indicum and Anthoclesta djalonensis Prof. A. Agunu 2014-2016