Department of Computer Engineering

About Department of Computer Engineering

The Department of Computer Engineering was created in August 2014, as an offshoot of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering established in 1978. The establishment of the department was aimed at providing a platform for multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary  academic activities aimed at providing solutions to industrial and social economic challenges through training of highly skilled manpower for the increasingly dynamic ICT industry and conducting of cutting-edge research for industrial development.

What We Offer

the department is focused on producing graduates who are producers rather than mere consumers and technicians of knowledgeable economy. Objectives of this program include: 

1. to deploy curriculum that covers broad and dynamic computer skills acquisition; 

2. to produce graduates who are exposed to extensive and appropriate lab experiments and practical work experience; 

3. to produce graduates who are equipped in design, implementation, and maintenance of computer and embedded systems. 

The Department run two options at the final (500) level: embedded systems automation, computer hardware and software systems.

Upcoming Events

October 24, 2022

Resumption Of Final Year & Post Graduate Students

December 15, 2022

Commencement Of 2021/2022 Session