Department of Civil Engineering

About Department of Civil Engineering

The department of Civil Engineering was created in September 1978. The academic and research program of the department was deliberately evolved to meet the yearnings of the Nigerian society for the technological development of the country. The program therefore sought to attract students with proven capacity for mathematical and physical sciences, in addition to their demonstrable ability for logical, imaginative and creative thinking for seeking and obtaining solutions to often-times complex problems. Students were also required to have good command in spoken and written English language.

What We Offer

The Department is devoted to preparation of graduates from the Department for professional practice in the design, construction and maintenance of structures (water supply, sewage disposal etc.), transportation systems (streets, highways, airports etc.) and earth structure and foundations.  The main objective of the program is to produce graduates of civil engineering who will be well qualified to plan, design, develop, and maintain the nation’s infrastructure and utility services. Other objectives include:

1.  to train graduates who pursue research and development in areas of civil engineering; 

2.  to train graduates who can teach and impart knowledge in the discipline.

Upcoming Events

October 24, 2022

Resumption Of Final Year & Post Graduate Students

December 15, 2022

Commencement Of 2021/2022 Session