Surgery, Imaging and Radiology

About Surgery, Imaging and Radiology

Surgery Clinic

Surgery is a full-service in execution of surgical and diagnostic imaging procedures in animals presented at the surgery unit for surgical interventions. These surgical procedures include Caesarean section, Ovariohysterectomy, Orchidectomy, Herniorraphy, Tumor excision, Onichectomy, Fracture repair, Ocular surgeries, Rumentomy in large animals to relieve rumen impation e.t.c. The diagnostic imaging procedures include radiography and ultrasonography.

Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology unit

The diagnostic imaging unit is equipped with two mobile X-ray machines, one for small animal radiography while the other for large animal radiography. In addition, ultrasound imaging machine for ultrasonographic investigations such as pregnancy diagnosis, presences of foreign bodies in gastro-intestinal tract, organs structure, digital monitoring of intubation, etc.

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