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The Department came into existence in 1976 as a Department of Mathematics and Statistics with Professor E. A. Bangudu (then Dr. E. A. Bangudu)   the Acting Head and Professor P. Onumanyi (then Mr. P. Onumanyi) as a graduate assistant.  In 1978, the Department of Statistics was carved out of the Department.

Between 1978 and 1984, the Department enjoyed the services of six expatriates among whom was Professor Singha who then headed the Department in substantive capacity.  During this period, the Department also utilized, fully, the Staff Development Programme of the University which enabled all its newly employed graduate assistants to obtain higher degree qualifications.

The foundation students of the Department came into residence on Saturday, October 23, 1976 and academic activities commenced the following Monday. The syllabus for the Undergraduate Mathematics Programme which was drawn up in 1976 has since then undergone five reviews.  The present syllabus, in addition to fully satisfying the minimum academic standard required by the National University Commission, includes several other courses and/or topics.

The Department commenced its postgraduate programme in 1982.   Since then, the Department has produced scores of postgraduate students out of which about one hundred and fifty are in the doctorate category. The Department is presently headed by Professor K. Rauf.  The other professors in the Department are Professors J. A. Gbadeyan, T. O. Opoola, O. M. Bamigbola, M. O. Ibrahim, O. A. Taiwo, R. B. Adeniyi, K. O. Babalola, M. S. Dada.and A. S. Idowu Professors J. A. Gbadeyan, T. O. Opoola, O. M. Bamigbola, M. O. Ibrahim, O. A. Taiwo and R. B. Adeniyi had headed the Department at one time or the other.  The current teaching strength of the department is thirty.  Areas of research of academic staff include Functional Analysis, Real Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, Analytical Dynamics, Optimization, Quantum Mechanics, Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Algebra, Elasticity, Biomathematics and Topology.

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December 4, 2023

Commencement Of 2022/2023 Academic Session