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About Department of Geology


The B.Sc. (Geology) programme of the University of Ilorin was started in 1976 with four students and a foundation academic staff of six.  The programme is designed to train Geoscientists to a very high level of competence. The training aims at producing Geoscientists capable of solving geoscience-related problems and competing favourably with their counterparts anywhere in the world. Since existence, the Department has had several notable international and national Geoscientists as head.


  Programme Philosophy and Objectives: “Improved life through better knowledge of Man’s Environment” is the philosophical guiding light of the B.Sc. Geology Programme of the University of Ilorin.


The mission of the Department is to:

a. Pursue the University’s mission in the areas of teaching, learning, research and community services.

b. Educate students in theory and practice of geosciences

c. Acquire and disseminate scientific information


To be noted for provision of quality education and professional information.


The goals of the Department are:

To provide education at undergraduate and post-graduate levels that will prepare the students for careers in organizational settings both in the private and public sectors.

To help in moulding the characters of the students by giving them supportive moral training that will make them good citizens.


  The programme aims at giving training to a very high level of competence in Geology.  It is designed in such a way that graduates can be self-employed in mineral processing and raw materials industries. Graduates are also trained to take up responsible positions in the oil and gas, minerals, mining, and engineering and constructions industries both in the public and private sectors of the economy.  In addition, they are exposed to basic research techniques and thinking.

  During the programme, anti-social vices such as cultism, drug abuse, examination malpractices, lateness to lecture and examination halls, etc., will not be tolerated.


1. Dr. J. Freeth British 1976 – 1980
2. Dr. J. S. Olatunji Nigerian 1980 – 1982
3. Prof P. C. Pal Indian 1982 – 1986
4. Dr. S. O. Akande Nigerian 1986 – 1989
5. Dr. E. A. Annor Nigerian 1989 – 1991
6. Dr. O. Ogunsanwo Nigerian 1991 – 1993
7. Prof. S. O. Akande Nigerian 1993 – 1996
8. Dr. J. I. D. Adekeye Nigerian 1997 – 1999
9. Prof. O. Ogunsanwo Nigerian 1999 – 2002
10. Dr. C. T. Okonkwo Nigerian 2002 – 2004
11. Prof. S. O. Akande Nigerian 2004 – 2007
12. Dr. R. B. Bale Nigerian 2007 – 2010
13. Dr. O. J. Ojo Nigerian 2010 – 2011
14. Prof. J. I. D. Adekeye Nigerian 2011 – 2012
15. Dr. R. B. Bale Nigerian 2012 – 2014
16. Dr. O. A. Adekeye Nigerian 2014 – 2016
17. Dr. O. O. Ige Nigerian 2017 – 2019
18. Dr. O.A. Omotoso Nigerian 2019 –2021
19. Prof. O.A. Adekeye Nigerian 2021 till date

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October 24, 2022

Resumption Of Final Year & Post Graduate Students

December 15, 2022

Commencement Of 2021/2022 Session