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About Department of Plant Biology

A programme shall be provided by the Department of Plant Biology leading to the award of Bachelors honours Degree (B.Sc.) in Plant Biology. The Department offers B.Sc. degree in Plant Biology in a wide range of botanical specialties, with emphasis placed on tropical botany and conservation. Major research areas include Applied Genetics and Plant Breeding, Biotechnology, Bryology, Cytogenetics and Biosystemtaics, Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding, Environmental Botany, Ethnobotany, Plant Anatomy and Wood Technology, Plant Ecophysiology, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Plant Pathology and Plant Taxonomy.

Ilorin and indeed Nigeria provide an outstanding location for many types of botanical studies. The rich endemic flora provides unique opportunities for studies of evolution, conservation biology, and alien plant invasions. Similarly, a mixture of local cultures and our proximity to other vegetations allow studies of plants in a human context. Research studies are not limited to Ilorin and Nigeria. Academic staff and students have research projects in many areas throughout the world.

Welcome to the Department of Plant Biology and to the beginning of your study programme. It is hoped that you will spend the period wisely and at the end of your programme, you will be found worthy in Learning and Character.

The philosophy of the programme is to produce cultured Nigerians with trained minds in general while seeking to realization and a sense of the need to contribute to national development. This study does not replace the UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC PROGRAMME BROCHURE, which all information pertaining to the DEPARTMENT OF PLANT BIOLOGY. It is very necessary for you to read and understand both documents to guide you throughout your study in this University.

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