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The B.Sc. Physics programme in the Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Ilorin, was introduced as one of the first set of academic programmes started by the University in 1976-77 sessions. From that time the programme and the Department have developed considerably in terms of the staff strength, available laboratory space and other physical facilities, student numbers, curriculum and research as briefly outlined below.

a. Programme Title:

B.Sc. Physics Degree Programme

  • Programme/sub-Discipline/Discipline philosolophy and objectives:


            The philosophy of the programme is the understanding of nature through Physics for intellectual development and the technological development of the society.


            Science is the true base for understanding nature and for technological development and, among the various science disciplines, Physics stands out as a central pivot on which such understanding and on which most technologies hinge. A good foundation for development is therefore to ensure the provision of adequate and well trained physicists into the nation’s workforce. It is with these in view that the Physics curriculum at the University of Ilorin has been designed with the following objectives:

  • To provide good grounding in the basic laws and principles of Physics as well as sufficient advanced treatment of the subject for a good mastery of it, the latter being assured through most of the course contents at higher classes.
  • To provide a pool of manpower who, through their theoretical, laboratory and workshop training acquired here, can work in Senior Secondary School, Physical measurement and test laboratories, industries, including communications, electronics and geophysics.
  • To provide Physics graduates who are capable of independent thought and work and can therefore be accepted for postgraduate studies anywhere in the world, possesses the capability for creativity and innovation to work in research and project development, institutes, industries or in self-employment. Our special topics, student’s individual projects and seminars are all directed towards this end.

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