The Registrar’s Office, is currently headed by Dr. Fola. M. Olowoleni, B.Sc. Hon.(Zaria),MBA,PGDE,M.Sc.,Ph.D.(Ilorin), who coordinates the activities of all the various sections of administration in the University. With clear devolution of powers and functions to Sectional Heads appointed to give administrative support, the Registrar is thus able to give sound advice and effective support to the Vice-Chancellor and council.
In accordance with the University of Ilorin Act, CAP. U7, Laws of the Federation 2010, the Registrar:

i) She is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University and responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administrative work of the University, except as regard matters for which the Bursar is responsible in accordance with the Act; and
ii) by virtue of that office she is the Secretary to the Council, the Senate, Congregation and Convocation. In addition, she is also the Chairman of the Junior Staff Appointments and Promotions Committee.

The Council Office is the secretariat of the University’s Governing Council. The Council, by the act establishing it has responsibility for the general control and superintendence of the policy, finances and property of the University, including its public relations.
The office is headed by a Deputy Registrar, who is responsible to the Registrar for the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the office. The office has responsibilities, amongst others:

a) Servicing of the meetings of Council, the Finance and General Purposes Committee, and other Council Committees;
b) Developing minutes of the Council and its Committees’ meetings and taking follow-up actions on decisions arising from the meetings for necessary implementation by appropriate organs of the University; and harvesting updates on matters arising from the implementation of decisions.
c) Preparing and circulating of agenda papers for Council meetings;

d) Liaising with Council members on behalf of the Registrar in all matters affecting the welfare of the members;
e) Carrying out other administrative duties as may be directed by the Registrar;
f) Meetings of Council and its committees are statutory scheduled to hold quarterly, while special (emergency) meetings are held as and when necessary; and
g) Ensuring that the schedules of the quarterly meetings are circulated to members well ahead of time.

The Directorates of Human Resources are responsible for personnel matters in respect of all staff viz Academic, Senior Non-teaching, Junior and Pension & Gratuity. The Directorates advise the Registrar on the interpretation and application/implementation of the regulations governing the Conditions of Service, Career planning, trainings, recruitment, etc in relation to the Academic, Non-teaching, Junior and Pensions & Gratuity units. The Directorates are currently manned by Mr. T. A. Bamigboye, Mrs. Felicia M.E. Osiki, Mr. M. O. Adewuyi and Mr. M. A. Opaleke respectively.

The Junior Staff Division is in charge of matters concerning Junior Staff members from various Departments/Units of the University. The Head of this Unit is responsible to the Deputy Registrar, Human Resources.

The Directorate of Academic Support Services is an arm of the Registry which serves as the support hub for all academic activities in the University. It supports the Registrar in her function as the Secretary to Senate.
The functions of Senate as contained in the University of Ilorin Act, CAP. U7 Laws of the Federation 2010 include among others, “to organize and control the teaching of the University, the admission and discipline of students and to promote research in the University”.

The Examinations and Records Unit of the Academic Support Services is manned by a Deputy Registrar. The unit supports the Registrar in her function as the Secretary to Congregation and Convocation. In addition, it oversees the following:

(i) Supports in the conduct of University Examinations and General Supervision over the conduct of all examinations;
(ii) Attends the board of Examiners’ Meetings to ensure that regulations are adhered to;
(iii) Compilation and issuance of statements of results, certificates, academic transcripts and verification of students’ academic records;
(iv) Issuance of Academic Transcripts
PROCEDURE FOR OBTAINING TRANSCRIPTS: Check the details on the University website: www.unilorin.edu.ng – LINK;
(v) Processing of Certificates & Issuance of Certificates on Daily Basis;
(vi) The unit services the following committees: Congregation and Convocation;
(vii) Matriculation of Fresh Students;
(viii) Preparation of Students’ Statistics; and
(ix) Keeping of Student Records.

The Directorate of General Services is headed by a Deputy Registrar, Mrs. Hajarat A. Adi, who is responsible to the Registrar. The Office assists the Registrar in the supervision and co-ordination of the following:

Coordination and supervision of the Departmental/Faculty staff members of the Central Administration Unit for effective performance of their duties;

Safe-keep and administration of the keys to the University buildings;

Maintenance of the General cleanliness of the University main public buildings and spaces;

Handling of all the University’s registered mail for staff and students;

Collaborative supervision of the duties of the Departmental staff members under the Works Department and the University Health Services;

Collation and coordination of salary payment sheets submitted to the
Directorate by the various Units, for the necessary action of the Accountant of the Works Department;

Directing University visitors to appropriate offices; and

Discipline of Faculty staff members through reasonable and appropriate modes.


The Admissions Office is an Office of the Registry, manned by Mrs. Ruth Selekere. The office serves as secretariat for admission of pre-degree and undergraduate students into the University.

The Committees serviced by the Office

  1. Secretariat of the University Admissions Committee (UAC)
  2. Secretariat of the Vice-Chancellor’s In-House Committee on Admissions.