Summary of IT Development from 2011 to Date

S/NICT ProjectSponsor/FundingYearICT DirectorRemark
 1.Deployment of Campus Wide Fibre Optics NetworkSTEP-B2011/2012Prof I.A. AdimulaFirst deployment of campus wide Fibre Optic Network and structured cabling to and withing the buildings
 2.Re-Engineering of Website and In-house developmentIGR2012Prof I.A. AdimulaCreation of Multiple Subdomains (i.e. over 40 websites for faculties/centres/units)
3. In-house Portal DevelopmentIGR2012Prof I.A. AdimulaRe-engineering of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, IOE, Remedial(SPS)
 4.Testing, Deployment and Integration of NgREN facilities to the existing network infrastructureIGR/CVC2013Prof I.A. AdimulaImplementation of NgREN project by Association of Vice Chancellor /NUC/ICT Consortium
 5.Upgrade of Internet Bandwidth to STM1 (155Mbps)IGR2013Prof I.A. AdimulaUpgrade of Internet provision from 50Mbps to STM1
 6.Integration of Google Apps in Education (Now G Suite) through Unilorin Legacy E-mailGoogle2013Prof I.A. AdimulaCreation of Emails for Staff and Students with Google Email Apps, look and feel.
 7.AfNOG/African Internet Summit(AIS), Training, Workshop and Conference- Djibouti 2014Google2014Prof I.A. AdimulaOffshore Training on CERT/CSIRT for Cyber Security
 8.Webometric Ranking Promotion- Ranked 1st by 4ICU (now UNIRANK) in Nigeria, July 2014COMSIT2014Prof I.A. AdimulaPromotion of Unilori’s 1)VisibilityImpact (50%) 2).ActivityPresence, Openness & Excellence (50%) on the Web  
 9.Upgrade of Network Operation Centre (NOC) to Data CentreGoogle2015Prof M.I. AhmedProcurement of servers, network devices, re-cabling and provision of alternative power supply
 10.Development of Business School and JUPEB PortalIGR2016Prof M.I. AhmedAdditional Portal Services
 11.Renovation of COMSIT Building, Car Park and Landscaping of the surroundingsIGR2016Prof M.I. AhmedCreation of Conducive environment for IT development.
 12.Integration of Secondary Host for Website and Portal  IGR2016-2017Prof M.I. AhmedMochahost and Amazon in addition to Hosting of Webservices in ICTP and locally (NOC)
13. Upgrade of existing ICT Policy and Strategic Plan  COMSIT and ICT Related Departments2017Prof M.O. YusufRobust ICT Policy and Strategic Plan for 2018-2023
 14.Restructuring of the DirectorateDirector COMSIT2017Prof M.O. YusufRestructuring done in line with the ICT strategic plan
 15.Upgrade of Internet Bandwidth to STM 4 (620Mbps)Management, COMSIT, IGR2017Prof M.O. YusufNegotiation of Uptime Availability at the Cheapest Price i.e. 45M per annum from GLO as against 158M proposed by the existing ISP (Gore Digital)
 16.Upgrade of the CMS for existing Subdomains/websitesCOMSIT2017Prof M.O. YusufUpgrade from Joomla to Drupal a more secure CMS for over 35 subdomains hosted at ICTP
 17.Upgrade of the Portal(s) for Secure Hosting and improved usability and friendlinessCOMSIT2017-2018Prof M.O. YusufSecure coding of Portal
 18.Unilorin Secondary School Web and Portal DevelopmentIGR2018Prof M.O. YusufFor Online Presence of the School and e-payment.
 19.In-house Development of Transcript Extractor SoftwareIGR2018Prof M.O. YusufConversion of transcript to electronic format for ease of production
 20.Acquisition of Blocks of  Public IPv4, IPv6 and ASN number for AFRINICIGR2018Prof M.O. YusufUnilorin AFRINIC Membership for IP Resources (IPv4/18, IPv6/48)
 21.Upgrade of Earthing Systems and Electromagnetic Interference ShieldIGR2018Prof M.O. YusufIn major COMSIT installations e.g. NOC, Senate building and Radio House
 22.Integration of Campus Fibre Optics Network(cable) and Wireless network; and Implementation of DNS ServicesICTP/AFRINIC2018Prof. Y.A. AdediranDone by International Centre for Theoretical Physic (ICTP) resource person Prof. Onime and AFRINIC  IPv6 Deployathon Team
 23.Hands-on Workshop on Design, Installation and Management of HPC Data Centers for Academic InstitutionsICTP2019Prof . Y. A Adediran3 COMSIT Staff trained offshore in ICTP, Trieste, Italy on High Performance Computing. GPU Card worth $5,000 donated to NOC for computational analysis
 24.Massive Procurement of  Computer wares for to meet various needs of the University community.2019 NEEDs Assessment Project2019Prof . Y. A AdediranProcurement of ICT equipment for Teaching and research purposes
 25.Internet Access Expansion Project for StudentsIGR2019-2020Prof . Y. A AdediranExtension of Internet access to student areas
 26.Provision of additional offices and IT equipment for IT Officers  Prof.  O.V. Mejabi 
 27.Acquisition of International Computer Driving License Certification  Prof. O.V. Mejabi 
 28.Training of campus wide virtual learning ChampionsIGR2021Prof. Dupe Ademola-Po    poola 
 29.Deployment of Program wide online teaching and Learning using LMS: Moodle, Google Classroom, Microsoft Team and Zoom delivery systemsNeeds assessment2021Prof. Dupe Ademola-Popoola 
 30Acquisition of Zoom Premium Licenses for  300-5000 concurrent participants at online learning /lecturesNeeds assessment2021Prof. Dupe Ademola-PopoolaZoom Licenses for lectures meetings and tutorials. 2000 for 300 concurrent participants 8 Licenses X1000 7 for 500 participant 5 webinar licenses for 3000 participants 2 webinar licenses for 5000 participants participants  
31.Expansion of internet access to FacultiesCOMSIT2021Prof. Dupe Ademola-PopoolaExpansion of internet access to Faculties of Veterinary, College of Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Education
 32.Upgrade of Internet Bandwidth to (1Ggps) from 620Mbps(Glo)IGR2021Prof. Dupe Ademola-Popoola 
 33.Acquisition of additional 1Ggps internet Bandwidth from NgRENIGR2021Prof. Dupe Ademola-PopoolaThe internet bandwidth distributed to Minicampus, Fufu and to augment Main Campus internet access
 34.Extension of Internet access to Open sit out areas for students 2021Prof. Dupe Ademola-PopoolaDeployment of internet access at the Stadium, CBT sit-out and Students Affairs quandrangle