The unit is charged with the responsibilities of:
1. Collection, analysis and interpretation of data from relevant university bodies
2. Annual updating, projecting, analysis and interpretation of data for the planning and preparation of the university budget and subsequent resource allocation within the context of the financial regulation of the university.
3. Development of information data bank on various aspects of university
Operations for use by the university as it deems fit. Among the key data to be collected here is information on university/academic facilities
4. Preparation of Annual Report of the university which showcases various activities include research breakthroughs etc.

This unit is headed by Mallam Abdulrasheed Dauda Gidado, who holds Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Masters in Development Studies, a   seasoned Planner and Administrator, a Fellow of the Institute of Planning Nigeria and a member of Nigeria Institute of Management (Chartered), Mall. Gidado currently acts as the Deputy Director of the Directorate.


The main function of this unit is that of primary responsibility for the development, review renewal and recommendation of curriculum to the appropriate quarters. There is increasing attention to the curriculum development unit due to an increase in demand for a curriculum that is flexible and responsive to the need of the industry and the economy. Below are the responsibilities:
1. Ensure compliance by each academic programme/department with Benchmark Minimum Academic Standard for the various disciplines.
2. Ensure that various disciplines Benchmark Minimum Academic Standard are made available to every department in the university
3. The unit coordinate submission of review of academic curriculum by various department
4. Secretariat to the Academic Planning and Curriculum Committee
5. Oversee the introduction of the new programmes

This unit is coordinated by a Principal Planning officer, Dauda Ismaila.  He is a member of the Nigeria Institute of Management (Chartered) and the Institute of Planning Nigeria.