Water Resources and Environmental Engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with prediction, planning, development and management of water resources and application of engineering principles to improve and protect the environment.

The Department of Water Recourses and Environmental Engineering was established in 2013. It admitted its first set of under graduate students in the same year. The Department offers undergraduate degree programme leading to the Bachelor of Engineering Degree (B.Eng). 

The curriculum of the programme is planned to provide the student with solid foundation in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Fundamentals. In addition, the programme focuses on various applications of these engineering fundamentals and acquisition of skills needed to function effectively as a professional in the society. Graduates of the Department are expected to be prominent in government agencies, industries, consulting firms, construction companies and academia. 

Departmental Vision

To be a world class and quality driven department that trains well-grounded Engineers with a competitive edge towards the overall development of our society.

Departmental Mission

Water Resources and Environmental Engineering is a progressive department with a vision to contribute innovatively to the social, economic and overall development of our immediate environment and the society at large through:

-           developing graduates with sound morals, character, and expertise.

-           training professionals who are well attained to the dictates of the profession and the needs of the society.

-           producing well-rounded technocrats and experts in generating, integrating and applying knowledge for the development of the nation.

Specializations/ Options in Water resources and Environmental Engineering

Water Resources and Environmental Engineering discipline provides several areas of specialization which includes hydraulics, hydrology (surface water, groundwater and marine hydrology), sanitation, air pollution control, air, soil and water remediation, hazardous waste treatment and disposal, wastewater management, solid waste engineering and management, and green engineering.