One-day convocation: Abdulkareem breaks a jinx

…VC hails Ceremonials Committee for successful outing

Against deep-seated anxiety among stakeholders about the feasibility of holding the convocation for all 15 Faculties and the Postgraduate School on a single day, the University of Ilorin has delivered yet another very successful convocation ceremony.

Last Tuesday (October 23, 2018), the grand finale of the 34th Convocation Ceremonies was held amidst pomp and pageantry inside the main bowl of the University Stadium Complex. It was attended by an unprecedented large crowd of people.

It was a carnival of sort as the graduands, their parents, friends, and well wishers turned up in large numbers, colourfully dressed to savour the successful completion of a crucial stage in their wards' academic pursuit.

The elements were also on the side of the University management, as the weather was very conducive, neither too sunny nor threatened by rain.

The presence of a large array of dignitaries from all walks of life  from government, business leaders, the royalty, the academia, and the professions also added colour to the event. 

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Sulyman Age Abdulkareem, has commended the members of the Ceremonials Committee for midwiving a successful convocation ceremony despite the earlier expressed doubts and apprehensions from many stakeholders over the decision to collapse the ceremony into a one-day affair. 

At a post-convocation meeting with members of the Prof. Abdulrasheed Adeoye-led Committee at the University's Auditorium basement last Thursday (October 25, 2018), Prof. Abdulkareem said that the successful outcome of the 34th Convocation Ceremonies was a big relief to him, pointing out that the Ceremonials Committee had really come to his and put to rest the doubt in the minds of many “as the ceremonies ended with successes and accolades from major stakeholders in the industry”.

The Vice-Chancellor, who thanked Allah for the committee's belief in him, said, “When I introduced the idea of holding the convocation ceremony in one day, people were concerned and worried with different excuses that it won't work. In fact some said what if it rains and I said but it also used to rain when we have our convocations in the open at the old convocation arena. Then we stopped for a while for the rain to subside and later continued. But I thank Allah that I have all of you to bail me out of the possibility in holding one-day convocation.” 

Prof. Abdulkareem, who was full of appreciation to all Principal Officers, staff and students of the University, for the show of love, support and right training received, further disclosed that “the only people that I can thank are those in front of me” (the Ceremonials Committee members).

Acknowledging some of the challenges identified, the Vice-Chancellor, however, urged the committee “to look at what have gone wrong, and see them as what can be improved upon against subsequent ceremonies. We have made what was unbelievable done and got pass mark for that. I thank you all.” 

In his remarks, the Chairman of the Ceremonials Committee, Prof. Abdulrasheed Adeoye, also commended all members of the committee for delivering on their mandate and making the University proud.

Prof. Adeoye disclosed that he had started collating some areas of the ceremonies' organisation that need to be improved upon, adding that these would be discussed at a later meeting.