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zEke, Uche Basil (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D)

Professor of Organometallic Chemistry

Chemistry Department, University of Ilorin


Prof. U.B. Eke gained his degrees at the University of Ilorin; B.Sc.(Hons) 1982, M.Sc 1987 and Ph.D 1995. He is a Nigerian National, married to Mrs. Rita Eke and they have four children.

Professor of Chemistry 2011. Currently Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences

His research interests include:

His career development has led him to:

  1. University College Dublin, Bielfield Dublin, Ireland. The 5th Postgraduate course in Advanced Techniques in Inorganic Chemistry;
  2. Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan and
  3. Department of Chemistry, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa (Postdoctoral).

He is Fellow of the Chemical Society of Nigeria and Delivered an Inaugural address in November 2016 on the topic “In Search of the Answer to Questions Unknown

Current Postal Address: Department of Chemistry, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Email Address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


List of Publications:

Thesis for Advanced Academic Degrees.

  1. U.B. Eke, The Synthesis, structural and biological activity studies of triorganotin(iv)compounds of N-protected amino acids, M.Sc. Thesis, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, 1987.
  2. U.B. Eke, Reactions of cyclopentadienyliron(II)dicarbonyl with methyllithium in thepresence of phosphorus(III) ligands, Ph.D.Thesis, University of Ilorin, 1995.

Articles already in Print.

  1. M. A. Mesubi, U. B. Eke and T. T. Bamgboye. The Synthesis, structural and biological activity studies of triorganotin(iv) compounds of N-protected amino-acids. J. Appl. Organomet.Chem., (1988), 2, 121-127.
  2. L-S Luh, U. B. Eke and L-K. Liu, Cyclopentadienyliron halides as electrophiles: Reactions of CpFe(CO)2I with MeLi in the presence of monophosphines, Organometallics, (1995), 14, 440-447.
  3. L-K. Liu, U.B. Eke and M.A. Mesubi, Synthesis of half-sandwich ironcarboxyalkyl and ironthiocarboxyalkyls, Organometallics, (1995), 14, 3958-  3962.
  4. L-K. Liu, L-S.Luh, Y-S.Wen ,U.B. Eke and M.A. Mesubi, Synthesis of heterobimetallicComplexes:(eta-4-Cp)Fe(CO)2(eta-1-dppm), Organometallics,(1995),14, 4474-4482.
  5. L-K. Liu, Y-H. Liao and U.B. Eke, Reactions with electrophile systemof (eta-5-Cp)Fe(CO)2I/P(OMe)3: The roles of MeLi as reductant, nucleophile and base, Organometallics, (1999), 18, 1154-1158.
  6. U.B. Eke and D.A. Akinsola, The protein enrichment of a cassava meal using soyabeans.Nig. J. Pure & Appl. Sci., (2000), 15, 1015-1018.
  7. U.B. Eke, Y-H. Liao, Y-S.Wen and L-K. Liu, Stoichiometric vs catalytic MeLi reaction with the mixture of (eta-5-Cp)Fe(CO)2I and P(OR)3: Nucleophilic methylation vsArbuzov-like dealkylation, J. Chin. Chem. Soc., (2000), 47, 109-116.
  8. U.B. Eke and L-K. Liu, Synthesis of half-sandwich Fe(0) Dicarbonylphosphines bearing a cyclopenta-1,4-diene ligand, ResearchCommun,(2001)1, 71-76.
  9. U.B. Eke and  L-K. Liu.The chemistry of the dangling free phosphine fragment of (eta-4-C5H4Me)Fe(CO)2(eta-1-dppm) and (eta-5-C5H5)Fe(CO)C(O)Me(eta-1-dppm), J. Chem.Soc.Nig.,(2001), 26, 124-128.
  10. O.G. Adeyemi, M.A.Fernandes, L.Cheng, U.B. Eke,D.C.Levendis and N.J. Coville, The solid-state isomerisation of cis-and trans-(eta-5-C5H4Me)Mo(CO)2(P(Pr)3)L, C.R. Chimie, (2002), 5, 387-394.
  11. U.B. Eke and N.J. Coville, The solid state reaction between RhX(PPh3) and (eta-5-C5H4Me)W(CO)3X (X = Cl, Br, I), Inorg. Chem. Commun., (2003), 3, 368-371.
  12. O.G. Adeyemi, U.B. Eke, L.Cheng, M. Cook, D.G. Billing, B.B. Mamba, D.C. Levendis and N.J. Coville, Solid-state isomerisation reactions of (eta-5-C5H5R)W(CO)2PR’3)I (R = Bu, Me,  R’= Ph, O’Pr3),  J. Organomet. Chem., (2004), 689, 2207-2215.
  13. U.B.Eke. O.O Dosumu, E.O. Oladipo and F.O Agunbiade, Analysis of locally produced soap using sheabutter oil (SBO) blended with palm-kernel oil (PKO), Nig. J. Sci., (2004), 38, 19-24.
  14. U.B.Eke, F.O.Nwosu and F.C. Adiatu,  Anti-fungal activities of M-iodobenzoic acid and some of its metal derivatives on bread mucor,  Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop., (2005), 19, 301-306.
  15. U.B. Eke, Solid state organometallic synthesis: solid state decarbonylation of (eta-5-C5H4Me)W(CO)3X (X = Cl, Br, I), Nig. J. Sci., (2007), 41,       35-42.
  16. U.B.Eke, S.O.Owalude and L.A.Usman,  Enrichment of a cassava meal (Gari) with soyabean protein Extract,  Adv. in Nat. Appl. Sci., , (2008), 2, 60-62.
  17. U.B. Eke and A.T Bale, Nuclear Magnetic resonance and infrared spectroscopic studies of some metal complexes of maleoyl-p-aminobenzoic acid, Nig. J. Pure and Appl. Sci., (2010),23, 2154-2159.
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  25. Tella A.C., Eke U.B. and Owalude S.O. ‘Solvent-free mechanochemical synthesis and X-raystudies of Cu(II) and Ni(II) complexes of 5-(3,4,5-Trimethoxybenzyl)pyrimidine-2,4-diamine in aball-mill’ J. Saudi Chem. Soc. (2014)(In Press)
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  29. Eke, U.B.; Adejoro, G.O.; Owemidu, C.T.; ‘Transesterification of Pko (Palm Kernel Oil) and Shea Butter fat on a bed of CCNS (Crushed Cashew Nut Shell)’, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2012), ISBN 10: 3659271934, ISBN 13: 9783659271939.
  30. Eke U.B. and Abubakar T.A. ‘Bioorganometallic compounds in medicine: The search for new antibacterial agents’ World Journal of Biomedicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences.(2015), 1(1): 22 – 27.


Conference Proceedings:

  1. U.B. Eke and S.O. Owalude, Infrared spectral studies of some divalent metal complexes of para- aminobenzoic acid hydrazide, Proceedings of the 1stKwara chapter conference of  Chemical Society of Nigeria,(2008), 1,100-101.
  2. U.B. Eke, S.O. Owalude and L.A Usman, Enrichment of a cassava meal (Gari) with soyabean protein extract, Proceedings of the 1stKwara chapter conference of Chemical Society of Nigeria,(2008),1,114-117.


Major Conferences Attended with Dates:

  1. M. A. Mesubi and U.B. Eke, (1989) 39th Annual Conference of the Science Association of Nigeria. (Akure 1989).
  2. L-K. Liu and U. B. Eke, (1994). Synthesis of Half-sandwichtriphenylphosphinoironcarboxylkyls.Annual Conference of theChinese (Taipei) Chemical Society, (Taiwan 1994).
  3. N.J Coville and U.B. Eke, (1999). Solid-state Organometallic  Chemistry with Piano-stool Compounds: Synthesis and kinetic studies, South African Chemical Institute Biennial Conference in inorganicChemistry, (Stellenbosch 1999).
  4. U.B. Eke and N.J. Coville, (1999), Sodium methoxide promoted ligand exchange reactions of RhX(PPh3)3 and substituted cyclopentadienyltungstentricarbonyl halides, Catalysis Society of South Africa Biennial Conference, (CATSA Wigwam 1999).
  5. U.B. Eke, (2001), Solid state organometallic Synthesis: Serendipity made it possible, 24th Annual Conference of the Chemical Society of Nigeria. (Abuja 2001).Workshop on Waste to Wealth organized by Chemical Society of Nigeria, Kwara State Chapter (February 2004).
  6. U.B. Eke,  T.O. Abodunrin and S.O. Owalude,(2009), The synthesis  of some organotin(iv) carboxylates in the Melt-phase. Catalysis Society of South Africa Biennial Conference (University of Stellenbosch South Africa, CATSA 2009).


Details of Administrative Experience and Service to the Community (with status and dates where applicable) University Community:

  1. LevelAdviser to several levels for many years.
  2. Departmental Examinations Officer (2000-2003).
  3. Member, Faculty of Science Certificate Screening Committee (2003-2006).
  4. Member, Faculty of Science Examination Malpractice Committee(2005-2010).
  5. Chairman, Faculty of Engineering and Technology Certificate Screening Committee (2006-2010).
  6. Member, University Environmental Protection Committee(2005 – 2007).
  7. Member, Faculty of Science Curriculum Review Committee(2006).
  8. Chairman, Departmental Academic Planning Committee(2008- 2010).
  9. Departmental Postgraduate Studies Coordinator (2008 –2010).
  10. Faculty Representative at Senate (2009-2011).
  11. Chairman, Faculty of Science Examination Malpractice Committee (2010).
  12. Member Faculty of Science (2010) Accreditation Committee.
  13. Chairman, Departmental (2010) Accreditation Committee.
  14. Head of Department (2010 – 2013)
  15. Chairman, University of Ilorin Sports Council (2015 – date)
  16. Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences (2016 - date)


Current research initiatives

  1. Organotin(iv) complexes of some biologically active molecules.
  2. Transformation of agricultural resources by solid-acid catalysts.
  3. Ligand design.
  4. Lubricant life span indicator project(Lubcon commissioned collaboration with the Department of Chemistry).