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Name: Lawal Taofeeq Olanrewaju                                                                                                                                 CURRICULUM VITAE

Faculty: Physical Science

Department: Physics

Rank: Assistant Lecturer

Highest Qualification: (Physics)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +2348061313942



  1. Olawepo, A.O., Fatoyinbo, A.A., Ali, I& Lawal, T.O. (2013): Evaluation of Groundwater Potential and Subsurface Lithologies in Unilorin Quarters usingResistivity Method.The African Review of Physics.  8 (45): 317-323, Published by ICTP. Available online at
  2. Lawal, T.O, Sunmonu, L.A, Nwankwo, L.I & Salawu, M.A (2012) : Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Map over the Younger Granite Ring Complex of Northern Nigeria. International Journal of advancement in Physics. 4(1), 65-70
  3. Lawal, T.O, Sunday, J.A,andFawale, O (2012): Impact of V.E.S in Delineation of Ground water Distribution and exploration in hard rock terrain.International Journal of advancement in physics. 4(1), 30-35.
  4. Salawu, M.A, Sharafa, S. B, Lawal, T.O, and Ajao, O.S. (2012):Computational Analysis for Prediction of Path Loss Based on Cost-231 Hata Model in Sub-Urban of Rural Environments in Nigeria.International Journal of Scientific Innovations, 4(2), 88-99, published by Pan African journal.