Awolola G. V

Name: Awolola G.V.
Rank: Assistant Lecturer
Department: Chemistry



Her Publications are:


  1. Awolola, G.V., Oderinde, A.O. and Dosumu,O.O. (2007). "Assessment of Heavy metal Concentrations in Soil and Siam Weed". Nigerian Journal of Soil Science. (17): 130-132. (Published by the Soil Science Society of Nigeria).
  2. Usman, L. A., Ameen, O. M., Lawal, A., and Awolola, G. V. (2008)."Effect of Alkaline hydrolysis on the quantity of extractable protein fractions (prolamin, albumin, globulin and glutelin) in Jatropha curcas seed cake". Journal of Food Technology.6(6):259-262.(Published by Medwell Journals, Pakistan
  3. Tella, A.C., Adediran, G.O., and Awolola, G.V. (2008). "Investigation of the effect of moisture, heat and sunlight on Antibiotics using Infra-red Spectroscopy". Research Journal of Pharmacology. 2 (3):28-30. (Published by Medwell Journals, Pakistan
  4. Odebunmi, E.O., Oluwaniyi, O. O.,  Awolola, G.V. and Adediji, O.D. (2009). "Proximate and nutritional composition of kola nut (Cola nitida), bitter cola (Garcinia cola) and alligator pepper (Afromomum melegueta)". African Journal of Biotechnology 8 (2): 308-310. (Published by Academic Journals, Kenya).
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  6. Oluwaniyi, O.O., O.O. Dosumu, G.V. Awolola and A.F. Abdulraheem (2009) "Nutritional Analysis and Stability Studies of Some Natural and Synthetic Food Colourants". American Journal of Food Technology 4(5): 218-225. (Published by Academic Journals Inc.)
  7. S.E. Elaigwu, L.A. Usman, G.V. Awolola, G.B. Adebayo, R.M.K. Ajayi. (2009) Adsorption of Pb(II) from Aqueous Solution by Activated Carbon Prepared from Cow Dung: Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences. 3(3): 442-446. (Published by American Eurasian Network for Scientific Information).
  8. Awolola, V. G., Ogunniyi, D. S. and Oluwaniyi, O. O.(2010).Refining, Modification and Characterization of Tobacco Seed (nicotiana tobacum) oil for its Improved potentials for industrial use. Nigerian Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences. 23:2168-2174. (Published by Faculty of Science, University of Ilorin, Nigeria).
    Edited Conference Proceeding:
  9. Aikore, O.D., Oluwatosin, G.A., Talabi,F.,Ogunkunle,A.O.,Jaiyeola,M.O and 
    Awolola, G.V. (2003). Soil quality decline in response to Long-term continuous cultivation and Management practices. Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference of Soil Science Society of Nigeria. (Edited by the Soil Science Society of Nigeria.)
  10. Awolola, G.V., Oderinde, A.O., and Dosumu, O.O. (2004). Metal Pollution of Plants and Soil in Ibadan (Nigeria) and its Environs. Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference of Soil Science Society of Nigeria. (Edited by Soil Science Society of Nigeria.)
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