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Name: Ogunkunle O.  C.
Department: Plant Biology

NAME:-             OGUNKUNLE, Clement Oluseye
RANK:-            Assistant Lecturer
EMAIL:-            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
QUALIFICATIONS:-    B.Sc (Botany); M.Sc. (Environmental Control and Management)
AREA OF SPECIALIZATION:- Plant Diversity and Environmental Management
RESEARCH AREA:- Environmental Biomonitoring

  1. Ogunkunle, C. O. and Awotoye, C. O. (2011): "Soil Fertility Status under Different Tree Cropping System in a Southwestern Zone of Nigeria." Not. Sci Biol., 3(2): 123-128.
  2. Awotoye, O. O., Ogunkunle, C. O. and Adeniyi, S. A. (2011): "Assessment of soil quality under various land use practices in a humid agro-ecological zone of Nigeria. African Journal of Plant Science, 5(10): 565-569