Mr. O.A. La'aro

PRESENT POSITION/STATUS:               Assistant Lecturer
OFFICE:                                               Mass Communication Department
PHONE:                                              +234- 85 -939 - 6848 
E-MAIL:                                              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2003:    M. Sc. Mass Communication University of Lagos 
1998:    B. Sc. Mass Communication University of Lagos                                                             
2007:    PGDE , National Teachers’ Institute

1999, Assistant Lecturer, Federal Polytechnic  Offa.                                                                   
2003, Lecturer III,   Federal Polytechnic  Offa.                                                         
2006, Lecturer II      Federal Polytechnic  Offa.                                                            
2008, Assistant Lecturer, University of Ilorin.

(2003) Member, Nigerian Institute Public Relations.
(2002), Member, Council for Communication Education


His Journal/Publications are listed below:  

  1. La'aro O.A. L.(2004),    " Social Mobilisation through the Maas media", THE EDIFICE, 3rd Ed, Federal Polytechnic Offa.
  2. La'aro O.A. (2007)," Relevance of Broadcasting to Effective curriculum Content Delivery in Tertiary Institutions",Annual Conference NAPSRELGS, Oyo.
  3. La'aro O.A. (2009), "The Role of Civil Society and Mass Media in Social Mobilisation for National Integration and Development in Nigeria", Journal of NIPR Kwara State, vol. 2 No 1.
  4. La'aro O.A. (2009), "Overview of Production Techniques: TOWARDS EFFECTIVE RADIO  PROGRAMME DELIVERY", Radio Kwara Programming Conference, 15th--23rd June.


  1. (2004)      (Author) The Basics of Radio and Television Broadcasting, Positive  Impact, Osogbo.   


  1. Audience factor in Effectiveness of educational Functions of Mass Media in Nigeria.(the project is designed to contribute to the efforts at helping the nation to solve the national challenges of achieving functional educational among the youths  in Nigeria.)