Name:   Oyewopo A.O.
Status:  Lecturer II
Faculty: Basic Medical Sciences
Department: Anatomy



Some of his Publications



  1. Oyewopo A.O. and Togun V.A. (2005)" Effect of Temperature on Motility and concentration of male Sprague Dawley Rats Epididymail Spermmatozoa" . International: Journal of Biological and Physical Science 35-40 
  2. Saalu, L Chia, Adesanya, A. Olamide, Raji, Yinusa and Oyewopo, A.O. (2007) " An Evaluation of Deleterius Effect of Unilateral Cryptorchidism on the Contralateral Normally Descended Testis. Scientific Research and Essay Vol. 2(3). pp 074-078
  3. Oyewopo, A.O., Saalu. L.C. Osinubi, A.A., Imosemi, I.O, Omotoso G.O, Adefolaju G.A, The attenuating effect of zinc on Propoxur-induced oxidative stress, impaired spermatogenesis and deranged steroidogenesis in wistar rat, Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences Vol. (5)178-184 june 2010
  4. Oyewopo A. O. etal (2009),"Caudal Epididymal Sperm Characteristics and Testicular Morphometrics of Rabbits Fed Graded Levels of a Blood-Wild Sunflower Leaf Meal (BWSLM) Mixture Diet".
  5. A. S.Adekunlea, Oyewopo A. Ob, Agbedana E.O.c (2010)"Assessment of the neurotoxicity of intramuscular artemether in mice"
  6. 1L.C. Saalu , 2V.A. Togun , 3A.O. Oyewopo and 4Y. Raji,(2006), "Artificial Cryptorchidism and the Moderating Effect of Melatonin (N-acetyl. 5 methoxy tryptamin) in Sprague-Dawley Rats"