Abubakre Samiat Olubunmi(Linguistics & Nigerian Languages)
Name: Abubakre Samiat Olúbùnmi
Department: Linguistics & Nigerian Languages
Status:  Lecturer I
Areas of Specialization: Translation Studies, Language pedagogy & documentation

Her Publications are:

  1. 2013b    “Critical Analysis of the Lexico-Semantic Errors in the English Subtitles of Selected Yorùbá Films” In  Animasaun, K., et al (Eds.)  International Journal of Movie Scholars (Maiden Edition), Adeleke University, Department of Mass Communication Pp. 58-70
  2. 2013a “Viewing Peaceful Co-existence in Ilorin through the Setting and Thematic Preoccupations of Fágúnwà’s Igbó Olódùmarè: Lessons for Nigeria In Oladosu, AGAS, et al (Eds.) Ilorin; History, Cultures and Lessons of Peaceful Co-existence, Nigeria: University of Ilorin, Centre for Ilorin Studies Pp. 183-200 ISBN:978-978-52482-0-3
  3. 2012      “A Stylistic Analysis of Language Use in Selected Music of Jesse King ('Buga') and Abolore Akande ('9ice')" In Kuupole, D.D., Yennah, R. and I. Bariki (eds.) Cross-Currents in Language, Literature and Translation: Festschrift for Prof. J.P.A. Ukoyen  Republique du Benin: Université blingue Pp.261-269.ISBN: 978-99919-70-03-5
  4. 2011      “Yorùbá Islamic Music a Tool for Yorùbá Language Teaching” Ilorin Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Culture University of Ilorin, Ilorin: Department of Linguistics & Nigerian Languages. Vol.2  Pp.58-71 ISSN 2141-6176
  5. 2010     “Language and Gender Portraiture in Obafemi’s Wheels"  in Chris and Suky (Eds.) US-China Foreign Language  (Special Issue I) Volume 8, No.10, Serial No. 85 David Publishing Company Pp. 89-94.
  6. 2009     “A Comparative Study of the Functions of Compounding in Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba Languages” The NASARA Journal of Humanities, Faculty of Arts, Nasarawa State University, Keffi. Vol. 3 No. 2. Pp. 41-52.
  7. 2008b      “Domestication of Arabic Loanwords in Hausa for National Development” Al-Hikmah, Journal of the Humanities, Ilorin: Al-Hikmah University, Vol. 1 No.1 Pp.77-93
  8. 2008a      “Affixation in Hausa and Eggon: A Comparative Analysis”.  EDE: Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Culture Vol. 1 pp 35-45.