Name: YAQUB, T.M.
Status: Assistant Lecturer
Department: Linguistics


His Publications are

Yaqub, Muhammad Tunde,  “Shuwa Arabs in Nigeria:  A Case Of  Arabs   Diaspora” HAMDARD

ISLAMICUS ,  Vol XXV NO 1, 2002, pp. 21-25.
2.    Yaqub, T.M., “Data Collection and Elicitation: Trends in Arabic Linguistics”, Journal of Oriental and African
Studies, Vol. 16, 2007,  pp.109-117.
Journal of Arabic and  Islamic  Studies) , Ayingba Kogi  State University, Vol 3  no 2, 2008, pp.  41 – 60.
Case Study Of  Yoruba , Igbo and Arabic” in: Ayodele and Harrison  (eds)  LANGUAGE AND
COMMUNICATION: An  Introduction,  Nigeria, Harade and Associate, Vol. 1, 1999, pp 103 – 121.
Communicative Linguistic Approach” in: Amidu Sanni (ed) An Unfamiliar Guest In A  Familiar Household
in  Honour of Prof. I.A Ogunbiyi, 2003, pp 169 -179.
7.    Yaqub, Muhammad Tunde,  “Arabic Translation:  A Socio- Linguistic Perspectives”, in: M.A.
Muhibbudeen and A.I. Lawal (eds.), Arabic & Islamic Students’  Handbook Lagos, Arabic and Islamic
Studies Units, LASU,Vol. II, 1998. page 147.