Name: Dopamu Abiola T.
Status: Lecturer II
Department: Religions




His Publications are:


  1. A.T Dopamu (2005): “God and Social Change in Yorubaland” in Ade P. Dopamu et. Al., God: The Contemporary Discussion,    Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria”. Nigerian Association for the Study of Religions, (NASR), pp. 26-41.
  2. A.T Dopamu (2006): “Secularization, Christianity and the African Religion in Yorubaland” in Nabushawo, Justinclemency, specific challenges to Ecclesial Review (AFER), Vol. 48, No. 3, pp. 139-156. 

  3. Dopamu, Abiola T. (2010): The Place of Traditional Rulers in a Democratic System f Government in Yorubaland. In Human Views on God: Variety Not onotony, Adam K. arap Chepkwony and Peter M. J. Hess, 53 – 61. Kenya: Published by Moi University Press, Eldoret.
  4. Dopamu, Abiola T. (2006): Secularization, Christianity and the African Religion n Yorubaland. In African Ecclesial Review (AFER).  ( 48:3); 139 - 156, Published by Amacea Gaba Publications, Moi University, Kenya. Available online at
  5. Dopamu, Abiola T. (2005): God and Social Change in Yorubaland. In God: The Contemporary Discussion, E. Ade Odumuyiwa et. al. (eds.) 26 – 41. Published by The Nigerian Association for the Study of Religions (NASR).
  6. Dopamu, Abiola T. (2007): Religious Pluralism in Nigeria: A Case Study of   Yorubaland.  In Dialogue: Issues in Contemporary Discussion, Ade P.  Dopamu, Olutosin Awolalu and Stephen Delamarter (eds.) 307-328. Lagos: Published by Big Small Books.
  7. Dopamu, Abiola T.  (2006): God Nature and the Environment in Yoruba Perspective. In Science and Religion in the Service of Humanity, Ade P. Dopamu, Olu Obafemi, O. B. Oloyede et al. (eds.) 163-179. Ilorin: Published by The Nigerian association for the Study and Teaching of Religion and the Natural Sciences (NASTRENS), and Local Societies Initiative (LSI).
  8. Dopamu, Abiola T. (2007): In the Shadow of Death: A Comparative Study of the Yoruba Use of Ofo and Imprecatory Psalms. In Alore: Ilorin Journal of    The Humanities, (17); 32 – 54, Published by Faculty of Arts, University
    of Ilorin.