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Guidelines for the Nomination of Fellows

Categories of Fellows

Fellows of the Nigerian Academy of Letters are of four, namely

a)         Foundation Fellows

b)         Regular Fellows (normally resident in Nigeria)

c)         Overseas Fellows (resident abroad)

d)         Honorary Fellows

Condition for election as Regular Fellows

1)   A candidate for consideration for the Regular Fellowship of the Nigerian Academy of Letters must have been a Professor for at least ten years.

2)   He or She must have distinguished himself in the area of publications

3)    He or She must be current in research and publications

4)    The candidate should preferably be a paid-up member.

5)    A nomination package must include copies of the candidate's up-to-date c.v., clearly indicating his or her academic field and full bibliographical details of his or her publications.

6)    A candidate must include a Personal Statement on his or her contributions to the field.

7)   A candidate must be duly nominated by a Fellow or a paid-up Member who is a specialist in the candidate's area of specialization.

8)  Not more than two candidates from any discipline and not more than four in any one year shall be admitted into the College of Fellows.

9)   The Nigerian National Order of Merit (NNOM) shall be regarded as an asset for election as a Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Letters.

10).   Self nomination is forbidden.

11).  A candidate who is elected as a Fellow shall pay five years mandatory dues  (if he or she has not been paying annual dues) and buy a Fellow's gown or upgrade his or her Member's gown to a Fellow's gown at the approved rate.

12).    The investiture of successful candidates shall be at the Annual Convocation of the Academy.

Conditions for election as Honorary Fellow ( as approved in 2003)

1)         Honorary Fellows shall be men and women of learning and repute (preferably graduates of the Humanities) who have made outstanding contributions to national development, and are of exemplary character.

2)         In any one year, there shall be no more than four elected.

3)         Members of the Academy should nominate persons deemed worthy of the award.

4)         Each nomination must be accompanied with an up-to-date c.v. of the nominee and a brief write-up making a case for the candidate.

5)         There shall be no posthumous awards.

6)         A nominee who is elected shall buy a Fellow's gown at the approved rate.

7)         The investiture of successful nominees shall be at the Annual Convocation of the Academy.