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The Centre for Peace and Strategic Studies of the University of Ilorin was established in 2008 with the technical support of the Society for Peace Studies and Practice (SPSP) to contribute to the production of the needed manpower for promoting peace, advancing security, accelerating development and managing conflicts in Africa and far beyond. The Centre offers M. A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. degree courses in Peace and Development Studies.

Historically, the Centre is the second to provide mainstream training in Peace Studies at the Master’s and Doctoral levels in Nigeria and the West African sub-region. The specific objectives of the Centre include the following:

  1. To make the University of Ilorin a global centre of excellence for peace and development research and documentation.
  2. To train world class manpower in the fields of peace, development and strategic studies.
  3. To provide practical skills training in peace-making, peace-building, preventive diplomacy and strategic planning to students and field practitioners.

Academic Programmes

The Centre offers M.A., M.Phil. and Ph. D degree courses in Peace and Development Studies as well as M. A. degree courses in Peace and Security Studies.

The M.A. in Peace and Security Studies is a collaborative degree between the CPSS and the Institute for Security Studies of the Department of State Security Services, designed for personnel of the higher echelon of Nigerian Security Sector. This demand-driven course is within the framework of the security sector reforms agenda of the Federal Government of Nigeria and thus a special national assignment which the University of Ilorin is proud to carry out. The programme makes the University of Ilorin a centre of excellence in Peace and Security Studies in Africa. The programme also has the potential to further boost and develop staff capacity.

The objectives of the programme are to: 

  1. make the University of Ilorin a global Centre of excellence for Peace and Security Studies;
  2. make the University of Ilorin a centre of excellence in peace research and documentation;
  3. train manpower in the field of Peace, Conflict and Security Studies;
  4. provide students with theoretical and practical skills in peace-making, peace-building, preventive diplomacy, strategic planning and management; and
  5. contribute to security strategy and environmental sector management.

The academic programmes of the Centre are interdisciplinary. They consist of Compulsory and Required courses for each of the specializations (i.e. 1. Governance and Peace 2. Security Studies 3. Peace and Environment) as well as Optional courses.

Other Activities

In addition to its core academic programmes, the Centre also engages with the community through the Conflict Field Experience and Training (CFEAT), Personality/Public Lectures and development activities. The Centre also collaborates with local and international agencies as well as teaching/research institutions to organize programmes on the challenges of conflict, security and development in Africa and the best practices in responding to them.