About Small and Large Animal Clinic

Small and Large Animal Clinic Comprised of the following clinics and unit

Small Ruminant Clinic

The large animal section of University of Ilorin’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital is working to close this gap by advancing animal welfare and human health protection through a variety of services, including outlining and explaining commonly encountered problems and providing farmers with veterinary assistance such as tips and advice on the recognition, treatment and protection of animal diseases.

Large Animal Clinic, Pavilion and Animal pens unit

The Large Animal Clinic takes care of cattle and other large Animals. We also provide boarding facilities for critically sick bulls and cows whose owners choose to keep in the facility until therapy is completed, and animals kept in our custody while their owners are out of town.

Equine Clinic

The Equine clinic in the large animal section is responsible for training of clinical students and rendering of Veterinary services to clients.

 Ambulatory Unit

We provide ambulatory services to farms for treatment and vaccination against endemic diseases including pest des petit ruminants in sheep and goats and Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in cattle. We also have some clients on retainership.

Through all these activities, revenue is generated for the establishment.

The ambulatory unit of Veterinary teaching hospital has three sub-units namely:

  1. Fulani ambulatory – service to Fulani herds
  2. Institutional farms – cooperate farms
  3. Poultry and aquaculture

The ambulatory unit as the name implies provides veterinary medical services to clients in this categorizes at the locations of their farms. In addition to service provision, we also train veterinary students in their clinical years on the field.

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