Department of Veterinary Pathology

About Department of Veterinary Pathology

The department of Veterinary Pathology of the University of Ilorin receives an annual caseload in excess of a thousand. This include whole animal cadaver, tissue, blood and sera samples submitted for routine diagnosis and experimental analysis.

These cases are derived from animal experimentation from various departments within the University of Ilorin, from the community and other universities. Others are from the various clinics within the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, of which the clinicians and specialists from the department work. Mortalities from the University zoo are also received for diagnosis.

The department perform biopsies, cytology, gross and histopathological examination, haematology and serum chemistry for the diagnosis of the animal diseases involved. We are setting up an immuno- and molecular diagnostic, Tissue Microarray (TMA) and In-situ hybridization laboratories to enhance diagnostics.

We examine tissues for pathological changes and use our knowledge and judgement to interpret them as well as reading slides and making written observations.

Our ongoing research focuses on key issues strategically relevant to One Health in tropical and developing countries and includes emerging and zoonotic diseases, environmental health, and conservation medicine.

Also, we contribute to public health and safety by performing toxicity studies with a range of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, administered in accordance with a range of different protocols

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