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About Department of Veterinary Anatomy

The Department was established alongside six (6) other Departments by the approval of the University Senate at its 205th meeting, held on the 25th December, 2009.  The department was established with the aim of teaching, and conducting of research in all aspects of Veterinary Gross Anatomy, Histology, Embryology and Clinics.

The department commenced activity in 2011 with the appointment of Professor S.O. Salami (then a senior lecturer) as the pioneer Head of Department and an additional academic staff, Dr. Z. Jaji. The Department commenced academic work same year teaching Introductory Anatomy and Introductory embryology to the first set of the faculty students at 100 level.

By 2012, an additional academic staff, Dr. E.S. Kigir, joined the Department. The department passed both National University Commission (NUC) and Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN) verification and Pre-clinical Accreditation respectively later that year. With an additional academic staff, Dr. Onwuama, K.T., that joined the department in the year 2016,  the Department now has 4 Academic, 1 laboratory and 2 Administrative staff and has consistently maintained its its exceptionally good acreditation records and service delivery.

The Department is made up of three units: the Veterinary Gross Anatomy (Headed by Dr. Onwuama, K.T.), Veterinary Histology (Headed by Dr. E.S. Kigir) and Veterinary embryology and teratology (Headed by Dr. Z. Jaji) units.

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