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About Department of Geography & Environmental Management

The B.Sc. (Geography) programme of the University of Ilorin commenced in 1976 with six students and three foundation staff.  The programme is designed to train geographers to a very high level of competence.  The training aims at producing geographers capable of scanning the environment and applying the acquired knowledge in solving various human problems.

Since 1979 when the first set of graduates were turned out, the Department has continued to produce graduates at a minimum of 50 per session.  Recently output of over 200 has been recorded.  Students of the department have consistently been participating in various academic programme both within and outside the University.

The name of the Department was changed to Geography and Environmental Management in the 2010/2011 Session in response to the emerging environmental problems and the current trend in making the discipline more responsive to the challenges of the natural and human environment system.  The old curriculum was reviewed, relevant courses were retained and new ones were introduced to suit the new nomenclature.  The Department now offers aHonours’ Degree in Geography and Environmental Management.

 The programme is designed to last 4 years (for SSCE and G.C.E. O’ level and equivalent holders), if all the graduation requirements are met by the students.  Theoretical as well as practical instructions are given throughout the duration of the course.   The practical instructions include field studies, Industrial Experience cumulating in an independent field research project in the final year.

Philosophy, Aim, and Objectives of the Degree Programme

The philosophy and aim underlying the B.Sc. Geography programme is to produce a crop of graduates equipped with appropriate knowledge to make effective contribution to the development of Nigeria, Africa and the global community having been exposed to a broad foundation of knowledge in the field of social sciences in general and in the various sub-fields of Geography in particular.

The objectives are to:

  1. instil in students a sound knowledge of Geography, an appreciate of its applications in different socio-cultural context and to involve the students in an intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying the working of society.
  2. provide students with broad and well balanced knowledge of geographical theories and methods.
  3. cultivate in students the ability to apply their geographical knowledge and skills to the understanding and solution of societal problems in Nigeria and elsewhere.
  4. provide students with relevant knowledge and skill base from which they can proceed to further studies in special area of Geography or multi-disciplinary areas involving Geography.
  5.  instil in student an appreciation of the importance of Geography in spatial and environmental contexts: and,
  6. develop in students a range of useful competencies in public, private or self-employment.


Five O’ Level credit passes in English Language, Geography and any THREE from Arts/Social Sciences or Science based subjects with at least a pass in Mathematics. UME subjects may include Geography and two other Arts/Social Sciences/Science subjects. For Direct Entry students, at least TWO A’ Level passes in Geography and ONE other Social Science or Science subject. NEC in Geography and one of the UME subjects is acceptable.

The performance of students in the degree examination, and graduates of geography in academic as well as in other fields have remained highly commendable.

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October 24, 2022

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December 15, 2022

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