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About Department of Industrial Chemistry

The Department of Industrial Chemistry had its origin from the inception of the University, as a programme in the Department of Chemistry of the old Faculty of Science. It became a full-fledged department in 2014.

The Industrial Chemistry programme was a programme in the Department of Chemistry, which is one of the foundation Departments in Faculty of Science established at the inception of University College in October, 1976. By 2014, it became a full-fledged department in the Faculty of Physical Sciences, one of the two faculties formed from the old Faculty of Science.
Industrial Chemistry is a branch of chemistry, which applies physical and chemical processes towards the transformation of raw materials into products that are of benefit to humanity. It is an application of chemical knowledge to a range of industrial endeavours. The pharmaceutical, petrochemical, soap and detergents, paints, dyes and textiles, insecticides, food and biochemical industries are just some of the endeavours where industrial chemistry is applied. All of these areas and more are taught and available as research areas for B.Sc. projects.
The philosophy of the programme is to produce cultured Nigerians with trained minds in general, while seeking to expose them to all facets of Industrial Chemistry with purpose of self realization and a sense of the need to contribute to National development.

The purpose of the B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry programme is to produce chemists
(i) who will be highly skilled in the application of chemistry to industrial and economic development;
(ii) with knowledge linkages in engineering, chemical processing, economics and industrial management;
(iii) who will be highly skilled and adequately prepared for further research work;
(iv) who will be adequately trained and able to train others at all levels of education;
(v) with a good foundation for careers in industries as well as in public services; and
(vi) who can be self-employed.


Prof. O.O. Dosumu                 -           2013 - 2015

Prof. Omolara O. Oluwaniyi -           2015 – 2017

Prof. A.A. Baba                      -           2017 – 2020

Dr. Marili F.Zubair                 -           2020 till date

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