Department of Geology Research

Various collaborative research works are on-going in the following areas:

a. Solid Mineral Exploration

This team comprises lecturers and post-graduate students working within the crystalline Basement Complex of Nigeria in the areas of petrology, structures, geochemistry, and mineral prospecting with a view to determining the solid mineral potentials within and outside the state.

b. Petroleum Resources

Experts in the areas of sedimentology, palynology, biostratigraphy, marine geology and basin analysis combine efforts which are geared towards identifying and evaluating petroleum source rocks in the various sedimentary basins in Nigeria.

c. Engineering, Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology

This group works on the engineering properties of soils, minerals; explore for and investigate status of groundwaters and, study sources and impact of contamination and pollution of geological media.

Important Dates

October 24, 2022

Resumption Of Final Year & Post Graduate Students

December 15, 2022

Commencement Of 2021/2022 Session