Department of Public Administration

About Department of Public Administration


The Department was established in November 2014/2015 session, with the consequential designation of the degree awarded as B.Sc. Public Administration. At present, the Department is having 100 – 400 Level students under the leadership of Head of Department.


Essentially, Public Administration programme reflects a concern for an orientation towards professional education anchored on the philosophy that a regiment of well-educated public administrators will be able to apply current theories of management and analytical techniques in addressing the day-to-day problems of governance and development. Consequently, the B. Sc. Public Administration programme is directed towards establishing a tradition of academic excellence with deep concern for the practical aspects of Public Management. Hence, in terms of scope, beyond regular prefix of normative theories, it extends to areas such as government budgeting and accounting, labour relations, conflict management, management of public sector, and overall super intending of the entire national social, political and economic system.


The undergraduate degree course in Public Administration will generally develop and impart education and training which would facilitate the evolution of a class of skilled manpower with required competencies ready and able to super intend all facets of national life. It is the expectation that such competently trained professionals will provide the needed linkage between different levels and units of government, and between the public and the private sectors of the national and international economies. In specific terms, the programme is designed to:

a. Prepare individual for the formulation of effective policy and exercise of administrative leadership

b.   Educate all who are preparing or upgrading their skills for careers in the   public, private sectors as well as non-profit organizations.

c.   Sharpen the skills of students in the methodology of research in the management sciences that can be applied to solving societal problems.

  • Develop and strengthen  the knowledge and practices of the management and delivery of services to the public
  • Produce middle and high skilled manpower resources for the various segments of the State apparatus.
  • Sharpen the skills of the individuals in the areas of capacity-building and community services.

Upcoming Events

October 24, 2022

Resumption Of Final Year & Post Graduate Students

December 15, 2022

Commencement Of 2021/2022 Session