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The Department of Business Administration started in the 1982/83 academic year with 4 academic staff, 4 administrative staff, and a student population 140 (comprising 65 200 – level students and 75 100 – level students) out of the Academic staff, only the (acting) Head of Department had a Ph.D. degree; the remaining three were either Assistant Lecturer or Graduate Assistant.

From this humble beginning the Department grew rapidly to the extent that the 1984/85 session, the population of academic staff had increased to 9 and the Department was in addition to its B.Sc. Degree Programme, cooperating with other relevant Departments in the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, to run the MBA (Masters in Business Administration) programme.  By 1986/87 with 9 academic staff (including one Professor, one Senior Lecturer, two Lecturer I and two Lecturer II), the Department started its postgraduate programmes M.Sc./Ph.D. in Management Science.

It is noteworthy that within the last three academic years, the Department graduated 293 students with B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Business Administration; furthermore, to date, we produced at least 15 M.Sc. and 10 Ph.D. graduates.  Currently there are 25 students enrolled in the Ph.D. programme.

The Head/Ag. Heads of Department to date are as follows:

  1. Dr. G. S. Owojaiye           -           1982 – 1983
  2. Prof. E. Lambo                 -           1983 – 1990
  3. Dr. T.O. Adewoye -                       1990 -  1995
  4. Dr. J. O. Olujide               -           1995 – 1997
  5. Prof. T.O. Adewoye         -           1997 – 1999
  6. Dr. J. O. Olujide               -           1999 – 2002
  7. Dr. (Mrs.) S.L. Adeyemi -              2002 – 2004
  8. Dr. J. A Adeoti                 -           2004 – 2006
  9. Dr. J. O. Olujide               -           2006 – 2008
  10. Dr. J. A Bamiduro             -           2010 – 2011
  11. Dr. S. B. Isiaka                  -           2011 – 2013
  12. Dr. J. A Oladipo               -           2013 – 2014
  13. Dr. J. O Adeoti                 -           2014 – 2016
  14. Dr. U. Gunu                      -           2016 – 2018
  15. Dr. S. B. Isiaka                  -           2018 – 2020
  16. Prof. J. O. Adeoti              -           2020 - To-Date


The Department of Business Administration is envisioned to be excellent in academic traditions and exceptional in providing quality education which empowers her graduates to act with professional competence and ethical steadfastness in fulfilling their obligations to the society.


The mission of the Department of Administration is to provide wholesome and comprehensive education for intellectual development of her students in preparation for leadership roles and services to society.


To develop the mind of the student by imparting to him theoretical and practical knowledge of business administration so that he is encouraged to be self-reliant,. Productive and positive in his contributions to his organization and society.


The objectives of the degree programme include to:

i.          provide basic knowledge required for an understanding and analysis of problems

related to the management of industrial commercial public and other human organizations;

ii.         equip the student of business administration with the skills needed for recognizing

            and defining problems and taking appropriate decisions, using scientific techniques

            and tools;

iii.        assist the student to develop leadership and interpersonal skills which are needed for

            working in organizations;

iv.        arouse mind of enquiry so as to explore and exploit opportunities for national economy,

            for sustainable development.

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October 24, 2022

Resumption Of Final Year & Post Graduate Students

December 15, 2022

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