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Faculty of Education, University of Ilorin, was one of the foundation faculties with which the University commenced operation in 1976. The Faculty of Education started off with two Departments initially, viz: Department of Teacher Education and Department of Educational Guidance and Management.

The current Department of Educational Management served as the nucleus of the Department of Educational Guidance and Management. As a result of expansion, the Department of Educational Guidance and Management was split into two in 1981, i.e. Department of Educational Management and Department of Educational Guidance and Counselling.

The Department of Educational Management had four foundation academic staff and 200 students. It started by offering a 3-year course at first degree level only. Its scope of academic programmes has widened to include 4-year first Degree, Masters Degree, Masters of Philosophy Degree and Doctoral Degree programmes.

Educational Management is a career course that prepares students for, among others:

  1. Career in Private and Public School Systems
  2. Career in State and Federal Ministries of Education and Parastatals
  3. Career in Educational Management Consultancy.

Meanwhile, the Department of Educational Management has continued to live up to its expectations-that of capacity building in Educational Planning and Administration. It continues to enjoy steady growth and development to the enviable position as the fastest growing programme and second largest Department in the Faculty of Education. In fact, the Department receives large number of applications for admission every year that can make it the largest Department in the Faculty; but for the limitations of quota allocation and facilities.

In addition, in 2003, the Department, in recognition of the unprecedented emphasis being given to Educational Planning and Administration by the Federal Government, especially with the introduction of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme, and to improve the skills and knowledge of our students, decided to review all the courses offered by the Department. It therefore reviewed some existing courses and added new ones, especially on Computer Appreciation, Information and Communication Technology, and Educational Planning. The products of this Department continue to play distinguished roles in the management and administration of education at all levels of the system in the country.

In the 2013/2014 academic session, the Department started Business Education for the award of Bachelor Degree, as an additional programme to Educational Management. The objectives were, among others, to expand the entrepreneurial capability of the students and to prepare teachers for Business Studies at the secondary school level. 

(A)                               BACHELOR DEGREE IN BUSINESS EDUCATION 

                                        B.Sc. (Ed.) (BUSINESS EDUCATION) 


Business Education programmes provide high caliber professionals in the teaching marketing, accounting, management, Secretarial and other business areas.

  Philosophy & Objectives 

The philosophy for Bachelor of science (B.Sc. (Ed.) in Business Education aims at a complete development of the individual student teachers to make them effective business teachers, and high caliber professionals in business establishments. 

Programme Objectives:

Based on the above philosophy the following objectives shall be achieved:  

  1. to produce qualified graduates of Business Education who will be able to teach in Nigerian secondary schools and other related educational institutions such as Staff Development Centres, Federal Training Centre, Colleges of Education and Polytechnics.
  2. to develop in students entrepreneurial ability
  3. to equip graduates with the right skills that will enable them to  engage in a life of work either in the office or as self-employees.

It is aimed at producing the manpower endowed with analytical and critical knowledge of the major factors in contemporary business world to influence the development of a virile economy. 

It is to provide a course of instruction and all necessary facilities and exposure for the pursuit and acquisition of learning and knowledge for services to humanity. 

It shall also provide adequate educational foundation for interested graduates to pursue higher degree in business education or other relevant areas in education.



(i)     Philosophy: 

The Philosophy of B. Ed. Educational Management is to ensure that the students acquire appropriate managerial skills, abilities and competence such that the prospective educational administrators and planners would better understand human behaviour and interrelationships.

In order to attain the Educational Management Philosophy, the goals of the National Policy on Education were adapted as follows:

  1. the acquisition, development and inculcation of proper value-orientation for the survival of the individual and society; 
  2. the development of physical and intellectual capacities of individuals to understand and contribute to the development of their environment;
  3. the acquisition of an objective view of the national and international environments.

 (ii)            Objectives:

  1. To provide high level manpower in the areas of Educational Planning and Educational Administration with proper leadership qualities to be able to meet the challenges of education in modern-day Nigeria.
  2. To provide avenue for teaching, practical training and research in the areas of Educational Management, and to disseminate the research outcome to the larger society.
  3. To produce graduates with proficiency in Educational Administration and Planning, and ability in teaching at least one school subject.
  4. To produce educational managers with high moral standard, knowledge, attitudes and problem-solving skills, which will enable them to contribute to the growth and development of their communities in particular and their nation in general.
  5. To produce highly motivated, conscientious and efficient educational managers for all levels of educational institutions, ministries and parastatals.
  6. To train educational managers to fit into the social life of the community and enhance

their commitment to national objectives 

7.  To provide educational managers with the intellectual and professional background,

     adequate for their adaptability to any changing situation nationally and internationally. 

8.  To encourage the spirit of enquiry, creativity, entrepreneurship and use of new

     technologies in educational managers. 

The Department parades mature and level-headed students who have been making significant contributions to the development of the Department, the University and the community at large.

The Department is located at the Permanent Site of the University, via Tanke Area of Ilorin Township. The Department maintains a student-friendly environment with hardworking staff who are always ready to assist.

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