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History of Department

The French Programme began in 1977 as a degree programme in the Department of Modern European Languages. The first French student was Mr. Patt Amadi who graduated in 1981.
Initially, students were sent to France for the Year Abroad Programme. But as from 1982 to 1989, they were sent to Lomé, in Togo. The high cost of maintenance of students forced the University to settle for the French Language Village at Ajara, Badagry for the Programme since 1992. However, following a memorandum of understanding recently signed between University of Ilorin and Universitéd’Abomey Calavi in Bénin Republic arrangements are on-going to send our 300 Level French students to the former.
Since becoming a full Department in 2004, The Department of French has worked out a programme which caters for students wishing to take French as a minor course. There is also a Functional French Programme for the entire University Community.
Department of French, as at today, boasts of three Professors, six Senior Lecturers, one Lecturer I, four Assistant Lecturers and one Graduate Assistant. There are now 187 students offering French from the B. A. to the Ph.D levels.


Language is an instrument of communication and the knowledge of other people’s language is a powerful tool for bridging communication gaps between nations of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The importance of the study and knowledge of French in Nigeria is quite obvious. Nigeria is surrounded by French-speaking African countries and Africa is at the center of Nigeria’s foreign policy. Nigeria is also an active member of the AU, ECOWAS, UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP WHO. etc, where French is a major language of communication. In addition, Nigeria maintains diplomatic, economic and cultural ties with a large number of Francophone countries around the world. All these factors, together with the Federal Government policy declaration in 1998 that gives French the status of a second official language in Nigeria, make the teaching and learning of French desirable. The ability of Nigerians to read and write French will ensure closer cooperation between Nigeria and the Francophone world.

Aims and Objectives
The Department of French aims at producing students with a sound knowledge of French, a working knowledge and competence in another European language such as German. It also aims at familiarizing some proficiency students with the cultures and civilizations of the people whose languages are taught in the Department. This will enable them to serve the country in various capacities. In addition, the Department aims at providing basic proficiency/diploma courses to colleagues in other departments/units of the University as well as to workers in other fields who may desire such foreign language competence proficiency.

Thus, the programme is expected to:

i. Expose students to various aspects of French language, literature, culture and civilization with a view to helping them achieve greater competence and sophistication in their understanding and appreciation of the values inherent in those aspects ;

ii. Train students to be able to apply their knowledge for the advancement of their society ;

iii. Equip students to meet the challenges of modern Nigeria in terms of self-employment generation or to take up paid jobs in the public or private sectors of the economy as administrators, diplomas, personnel officers, international broadcasters, teachers, etc. ;

iv. Equip students with foreign language ability required for awareness and general international interactions ;

v. Prepare students for further studies and research in French.

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December 4, 2023

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