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Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into various Postgraduate Degree Programmes of the University

Basic Information and General Requirements

All interested candidates are expected to have a personal e-mail address which must not be shared with others for the purpose of this application.

      Note: You may visit any of these sites:,, or any other site that provides e-mail services to create an email box for yourself.

The Postgraduate School, UNILORIN requires all applicants to have one telephone number to which text messages (SMS) could be sent. All applicants are expected to be able to browse and check their e-mails from time to time.


Admissions Guide

Click here to verify that the programme you are seeking admission into is available and you have the basic qualifications required for admission into the programme.

If you have questions about qualifications and programmes, click here to contact the Admission Office.

If you have found a programme that you wish to apply for and you have the required qualifications, click on the button below to begin your application:

NOTE: There are FOUR (4) Steps and all these steps must be completed for you to be considered for admission!

Click here to view step details.


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