Student Affairs Unit

A Brief on Student Affairs Unit
The Student Affairs Unit is one of the units under the Vice-Chancellor’s Office which is to ensure that Students’ Welfare in terms of health Facilities, hostel accommodation, Electricity and Water Supply as well as smooth Inter-Campus transportation systems are provided. This unit also ensures peaceful co-existence among the Students with their diverse ethnic, cultural and religions backgrounds on the two Campuses.

Professors with varied experiences who are the Vice-Chancellor’s nominees, are normally appointed Deans of Student Affairs. They advise the Vice-Chancellor on issues relating to Students’ Welfare and conduct. The Student Affairs Unit ensures that the image of the University is portrayed in good light locally, nationally and internationally.

Apart from the administrative Staff, the Sub-Deans of Student Affairs who are senior academic staff nominated by the Vice-Chancellor also assist the Dean of Student Affairs in running the affairs of the unit.

Hall Masters and Hall Mistresses also advise the Dean of Student Affairs Unit Affairs on matters relating to the welfare of students in their halls of residence.

The Current  Dean of Student Affairs is Professor Adetayo Ebun, Talabi while the Sub Dean is Dr. A. Yusuf ( Sub Dean)

Dean, Student Affairs Unit

Prof. ADETAYO EBUN TALABI is a Professor of Exercise Physiology of the Department of Human Kinetics Education, Faculty of Education, University of Ilorin. Prof. E.A Talabi, was born on Jan. 21st 1949, at Ilese, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun state. His married with 3 children. He obtained his first degree in Chemistry at University of Ibadan, in 1973. He then proceeded to obtain his Post Graduate Diploma in Physical Education in 1978, University of Ibadan. In 1981, he had his Master of Education in Exercise Physiology at University of Ibadan, Ibadan where he also obtained Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education (Exercise Physiology) in 1992.

Prof. E.A Talabi, is the Dean of Student Affairs, University of Ilorin. Before his appointed as the Dean of Students, he was the Director of SPORTS, University of Ilorin. Prof. E.A. Talabi, has also served in Faculty of Education as the Sub-Dean (2006-2007) and at his department as the Head of Department (2011-2012).

{tooltip}Dr. A. Yusuf{end-texte}Sub-Dean, Student Affairs Unit{end-tooltip}
{tooltip}Mrs. K.W. Salle{end-texte}Deputy Registrar, Student Affairs Unit{end-tooltip}

The list of eminent Professors who had served as Deans of the Unit since the inception of the University in 1976. They are:

  1. Professor M. O. Fagbule (1987-1989)
  2. Professor S. O. Oyewole (1989-1993)
  3. Professor Olu Obafemi (1993-1997)
  4. Professor Segun Ogunsaju (1997-2001)
  5. Professor M. A. Akanji (2001-2003)
  6. Professor S.A. Jimoh (2003-2007)
  7. Professor Sulyman Age Abdulkareem (2007 - 2010)
  8. Professor Sunday Harrison Umoh(2010-2012)
  9. Professor O.A. Omotesho (2012 - 2015)
  10. Professor Adetayo Ebun Talabi (2015 - date)