Access the Faculty of Education Moodle LMS through

1. Your Laptop or Desktop through this link

2. Use your Matric Number without forward slash as your user name. For example, instead of 16/25OS555❌, use 1625OS555✔️.

3. Use edust12345 as your default password. The system will prompt you to change the default password. Ensure you keep your password safe.

4. After going through Steps 1 - 4 above you should have access to your LMS platform.

5. By Monday morning your courses should be on your platform for online learning.

You can also access the Faculty of Education LMS platform through the Moodle App.

1. Download the Moodle App from the Google Play Store, the iOS Store, or Window Store.

2. Launch the Moodle App and pick the option of I'M A LEARNER.

3. Thereafter, paste or type the Faculty of Education Moodle LMS web site address on the field for Your site. But ensure you remove the last forward slash and noodle, use only.