Call Circular for Year 2018 Promotions Exercise for Promotion of Academic Staff 

on CONUASS 01 to 06 and Non-Teaching Staff on CONTISS 06 to 13

Submissions are hereby invited for consideration of year 2018 promotions.

It is important to emphasize that promotions will be guided by the regulations in Chapter 9 of the Revised Regulations Governing the Conditions of Service for Senior Staff. Accordingly, promotion shall be to an established post only i.e. a post for which provision has been approved in the 2018 budget.

Section 9.1.5 of the Conditions of Service for Senior Staff states that normal promotion from one grade to another shall only be countenanced after a member of staff has spent at least three (3) years after his appointment or last promotion or upgrade. 

Assessment of Administrative and Professional staff for promotion shall be based on qualification, experience, annual performance and evaluation report (APER) for the preceding two years and performance at an evaluation examination as stated in section 9.13.1 of the conditions of Service for Senior Staff.  In the same vein, assessment of Technical Staff for promotion shall be based on Practical Examination in the relevant area which shall constitute 50% of such assessment, qualification, post-qualification experience and Annual Performance Evaluation Reports for the preceding two (2) years as stipulated in Sections 9:14:1 and 9:14:2 of the Revised Conditions of Service for Senior Staff. The assessment shall be based on the following parameters;

(i) Requisite and appropriate academic/professional qualifications;

(ii) Practical Examination/Written and Oral Interview by the Faculty/Departmental Promotions Review Panels which should include an External Expert on the relevant field of specialization and a Representative of the Registrar from the Directorate of Human Resources; and

(iii) Performance report for the preceding two (2) years;

(iv) The marking scheme used for the assessment test in (i) above shall accompany the recommendations to A&PC.

The dates of Faculty promotion panel for academic staff as well as examination and interview dates for Technologists, Technical and other professional staff being recommended by their respective Faculties/Departments shall be as scheduled by the Directorate of Human Resources.  Faculties are enjoined to hold their promotion panel on the scheduled dates for effective representation by the Directorate of Human Resources.  Any change in date should be arranged with the Directorate of Human Resources and a formal notice of change in date must be received by the Directorate of Human Resources at least ONE WEEK before the new date.

Please note that the papers of all Administrative, Secretary and Secretarial Assistant staff, whose interview is to be handled by the Registry Promotion Review Panel, should be forwarded to the Directorate of Human Resources.

It is imperative that the following programme schedules are strictly adhered to as failure to do so may result in non-processing of submissions from any defaulting Faculty, Department/Unit for the relevant meetings of the Appointments and Promotions Committee.

(a) recommendations of Heads of Department or Departmental Promotions Panels, (where applicable) should reach the appropriate Deans not later than 22nd June, 2018;

(b) ten (10) copies of the recommendations by the Faculty Promotions Panels duly signed by the Dean as Chairman and the Faculty Officer as Secretary, should reach the Deputy Registrar (Human Resources) not later than 27th July, 2018 while that of the College of Health Sciences should reach the Directorate of Human Resources not later than 3rd August, 2018;

(c) the list of all academic, professional and technical staff being presented for consideration at the Faculty promotions panelsat which the Registry (Human Resources) should be represented must reach the Deputy Registrar (Human Resources) AT LEAST ONE WEEK before the date of such meetings to ensure that the Directorate of Human Resources carries out a scrutiny on all those being considered at the Faculty level.

(d) You are requested to please submit recommendations including name and signature of Dean/Head of Department/Unit and relevant papers along with duly signed and dated Curriculum Vitae of each recommended members of Staff as reflected in the attached proforma on or before 27th July, 2018.


R.A. Okojie (Mrs.)

For: Registrar