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The Linguistic Immersion programme lasts one year (for those who desire to further their studies in any of our faculties) 1 month, 3 or 6 months (for those who want to improve on their language of study).  Months of discovery! new acquaintances and exchanging ideas, in a stimulating setting for learning your second or foreign language.

Courses are given from Monday to Friday. Students attend different workshops and conferences to improve on their chosen language (English, French, Yoruba, Arabic). Activities as songs, dance, theatre, phonetics laboratory and medical laboratory practices, symposia, conferences, public and inaugural lectures, visiting market, town environment, newspaper reading, conversation classes, excursions etc. are also offered to students.

Experience something new and discover the charming towns of Nigeria! Dynamic and diversified socio-cultural activities, thematic evenings, sports activities and movies are also included.

Learning languages has never been so much fun!