The activities of ITA are divided into three major categories viz:

  • Advocacy: The Institute brings all and sundry to appreciate its key role and importance vis à vis the disquieting world of linguistic disparities and cultural sensitivities. With several advocacy themes and topics, ITA enlightens the public through focused information dissemination as well as seminars and workshops;
  • Practicum: Through practicum, ITA translates websites, articles, books, journals et cetera while still providing interpretation and translation services for multinationals, NGOs, banks, companies, industries and so on;
  • Training: ITA updates its work-force on developments in the translation profession through in-house trainings while still training others: training professionals in the media, journalism, foreign-language dependent organisations and so on and so forth.


  • Translation of abstracts (e.g. theses, articles, international conference papers, inaugural lectures, etc.)
  • Translation of landmark texts
  • Translation of certificates and results
  • Translation and Interpretation of International Conferences
  • Translation of film texts and sub-titles
  • Translation of manufacturers’ brochures
  • Translation of hand bills, notices and brochures of hotels.
  • Translation of historical documents, etc.
  • Providing short-term capacity building programmes for practising translators especially in the Nigerian media and in the industries.