AKOR, Sunday Joseph                     

Department:  Sociology




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Journals Articles in Print

  1. Akor S. J. and Olatunji A. (2015) Performance Appraisal in Formal Work Organization: An

   Overview. A Journal of Advances in Management. 14(1) 66-81 Published by Department

   of Business Administration, University of Ilorin..


  1. Abdullahi A. A., Adekeye I. B. And Akor S. J. (2014): Sexual and Health Preventive

    Behaviour of Secondary School Students in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. Center Point

    Journal. 17(1) 61-80 Published by University of Ilorin Library and Publication Committee.


  1. Akor S. J. (2013): HIV/AIDS Epidemic and its Effects in Africa. Ilorin Journal of Sociology.

    5 (1) 257-271Published by Department of Sociology, University of Ilorin.


  1. Akor S. J. (2008): Criminal Justice System under Obasanjo Regime, (2003-2008): An

    Assessment. Journal of History and International Studies 2(5) 198-211. Published by the

    Department of History and International Studies, University of Ilorin. 

Chapter in a Book


  1. Akor S. J. (2007): The Menace of Female Prostitution in Nigeria. In Nigerian Beyond 2007:

    Issues, Perspectives and Challenges. Saliu H. A., Taiwo I. O., Seniyi R. A. Salawu B. And

    Usman A. (ed.) 244-171 Published Faculty of Business and Social

    Sciences  University of Ilorin.




Journals Articles in Print


  1. Abdulganiyu O, Ola R. S. And Akor S. J. (2015) Nature of Employment and Work Behaviour

    of Bank Employees: Nigerian Journal Applied Behavioural Sciences. 285-300 Published by

    Department of Psychology Adekunle Ajase University Akungba. Ondo State.


  1. Akor S. J. (2008): Nigerian in the year 2020: Toward a Development Agenda in Democratic

    setting. Journal of Art and Education 1(115) 162-111. Published by IBB University, Lapai.


  1. Akor S. J. (2008): Alchol Abuse as a Social Problem in Nigeria. Journal of Humanity. 2(1), Published by Department of History and Archaelogy, IBB University, Lapai.


Chapter in a Book


  1. Akor S. J. (2006): Stalk Holders ND Tertiary Education in Nigeria, an Appraisal. In Education and Regeneration of Traditional Values in Nigeria. Felicia A. D. Oyekanmi and Ndukaeze Nwabueze (ed.) 162-171 Published by Department of Sociology, University of Lagos.




Journals Articles in Print


  1. Oluyemi J. A., Yinusa, A. Y., Raji A., Akor S. J. (2015) Knowledge of Sexually Transmitted

    Diseases among Secondary School Adolescent Area of Kwara State, Nigeria. African   

    Sociological Review 19 (1) 63-76 in Conjunction with CODESARA. University of Western

    Cape South Africa


  1. Joseph, A. O., Muhammed, A. Y., Raji, A., Akor, S. J. and Kehinde K. K. (2015): Factors

    Influencing the Practice of Self-Medication among Bankers in Selected New Generation

    Banks in Ilorin Kwara State Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. 17 

    (1); 44-60. Published by Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Available online at