Zakariyah, R.F.

Department of Microbiology


Home based (In print)

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Home based (Accepted)

  1. Ahmed, R.N., Sule, I.O., Zakariyah, R.F., Gambari-Ambali, R., and Jimoh, F.A. (2016): Antibacterial Activity of Essential Oil of Eucalyptus globulus. Ilorin Journal of Science. Published by Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Ilorin. (Letter of Acceptance dated 10/03/2016).

Home based (In print)

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National (In print)

  1. Ahmed, R.N., Sani A., Oluwo, O.N., Sule, I.O and Zakariyah, R.F (2016): Green Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles of from Extract of Leaves of Croton zambesicus. Journal of Nigeria Society of Microbiology. 30 (1): 3192-3199. Published by Nigerian Society for Microbiology. Available online at
  2. Zakariyah, R.F, Sani A, Odebisi-Omokanye M.B and Ahmed R.N (2016): Antibacterial Evaluation of Extracts of Seed Kernel and Leaf of Moringa oleifera against Bacteria from Raw Cow Milk. Journal of Nigeria Society of Microbiology. 30(1): 3266-3271, Published by Nigerian Society for Microbiology. Available online at   
  3. Odebisi-Omokanye M.B, Zakariyah, R.F, Jimoh, A and Olugbade, O.F. (2016): Microbiological and Physiochemical Assessment of Street vented fried Soya bean Cheese sold within Ilorin Metropolis, Nigeria.  Journal of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education (JOSTMED) 12(1):40-52, Available online at
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National (Accepted)

  1. Zakariyah, R.F., Odebisi-omokanye, M.B., Saliu, B.K., Abdulrauf, L.B., Jimoh, F.A and Adebiyi, O.A. (2017): Safety Evaluation of some Ready-to-use Herbal Concoctions sold within Ilorin Metropolis. NSUK Journal of Science and Technology. Published by Nasarawa State University, Keffi. (Letter of Acceptance dated 25/04/2017).

International (In print)

  1. Ahmed, R.N., Zakariyah, R.F., , S.B., Afonja, A.I, Adebisi, O.O and Abdullahi, M.A (2015): Antibacterial Action of Silver Nanoparticles of Extract of Leaf of Thevetia nerifolia. International Journal of Phytofuels and Allied Science. 4(1); 31-55, Published by the Society for the Conservation of Phytofuels and Sciences. Available online at
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  3. Odebisi- Omokanye., M.B., Agbabiaka., T.O., , R.F. and Sanya., O. (2016): Antibacterial Effect of Ocimum gratissimum against Bacteria from Paediatric Diarrhoeal Stool Samples in the Tropics. Journal of Science and Technology. 36(3):86-95, Published by Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana. Available online at


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