NAME: Ahmed El-Imam, Amina (Nee Mustapha)                                                                      CURRICULUM VITAE
Age Next birthday: 33
Department: Microbiology Department
Date of First Appointment: 26th May, 2011
Status on First Appointment: Assistant Lecturer
Present Salary: N1,451,071.00
Date of Last Promotion/Present Appointment: 26th May, 2011

PUBLICATIONS: List below only those that had appeared in reputable Academic or Professional Journals in the following order, Journals, books, chapters in books, edited conference proceedings and technical reports, starting from the earliest).  
Publications in Journals:

  1. Ameh, J.B., Abdullahi, I.O. and Mustapha A.K. (2008): Screening of some cereals used in industrial productions for Fusarium species. Biological and Environmental Sciences for the Tropics (BEST). 5 (2): Pages 62-66. Available online at,%20Abdullahi%20&%20Amina%20Mustapha.pdf
  2. El-Imam, A. M. A., Ameh, J. B., & Abdullahi, I. O. (2012): Occurrence of fumonisins and deoxynivalenol in stored maize used in industrial productions in Zaria Nigeria. African Journal of Food Science, 6 (9), 249-252. Available online at
  3. Belewu, M.A., Zubair, M.F., Ahmed El-Imam, A.M., Ogunleke, F.O., and Busari, I.O. (2012):  Comparative evaluation of soft cheese treated with Moringa oleifera oil and pure natural honey. International Journal of Academic Research. Vol. 4 (1). Pages 130-133. Available online at  
  4. Belewu, M.A., Ahmed El-Imam, A. M., Adeyemi, K.D., Oladunjoye, S. A. (2012):  Eucalyptus Oil and Lemon Grass Oil: Effect on Chemical Composition and Shelf-Life of Soft Cheese. Environment and Natural Resources Research 2:1. 114-118. Available online at
  5. Microbial bio-fuels: past, present and future trends: a review. Ahmed El-Imam, A. M. (2012): International Journal of Phytofuels and Allied Sciences. Vol. 1, Issue 1. Pages 127-141.
  6. Ahmed El-Imam, A.M., Machido, D.A. (2012): Growth of ammonium oxidizing bacteria in soil treated with some fungicides. Global Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences Vol. 11, No. 1&2. Pages 1-7.
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  8. Adeyemi, K. D., Ahmed El-Imam A., Dosunmu, O. O., & Lawal, O. K. (2013): Effect of Moringa oleifera marinade on microbial stability of smoke-dried African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus). Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management, 6 (1), 104-109. Available online at
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  10. Adeyemi, K.D. Ahmed El-Imam, A.M., Olorunsanya A.O., Solaojo, F.E., Okukpe, K.M., Dosunmu O.O., Shittu R.M., Idris, J.T. (2013): Lipid peroxidation in smoke-dried African catfish treated with Moringa oleifera marinade, salt or butylated hydroxyl anisole. Croatian Journal of Fisheries 72 no. 1. Pages 36-40. Available online at
  11. Oke, M. A., Bello, A. B., Odebisi, M. B., Ahmed El-Imam, A. M., & Kazeem, M. O. (2013). Evaluation of antibacterial efficacy of some alcohol-based hand sanitizers sold in Ilorin (North-Central Nigeria). Ife Journal of Science, 15(1), 111-117. Available online at
  12. Badmos A.H.A., Ahmed El-Imam A.M.  & Ajiboye D.J. (2014): The effect of crude leaf extracts of Moringa oleifera on the bacterial, nutritional and sensory properties of West African soft cheese. Wayamba Journal of Animal Science. Vol. 6. Pages 939-946. Available online at
    Publications in Conference Proceedings
  13. Amina Mustapha-Ahmed El-Imam (2012): Microbial biofuels: Past, Present and Future Trends. Paper presented at the 2nd International Conference on the Jatropha plant. 16-18 April, 2012.
  14. Kazeem, M.O., Oke, M.A., Odebisi, M.B., Ahmed El-Imam, A.M. and   Zakariyya, H. (2013): Isolation and screening of cellulolytic organisms from selected dump sites at Oke-Odo Ilorin, Nigeria